A Look Back on Drakons Activities

8 min readMar 17, 2022

Recap on Drakons Activities from November 2021 to March 2022.

We know you are excited but before we discuss the season’s updates, let us first look back and review the new features, activities and #NFT Drakons launched after Halloween 2021:

  1. Drakons on Errands — On 8 November 2021, we have introduced the earning of rewards by making your Drakons perform various errands depending on your Drakon’s element. This means that even while you are asleep or at work, your Drakon can still win you some loots like food, potions and boosts.

2. The “Cold One” Arrives in Drakons — On the 5th of November 2021, we launched Drakons concept design execution of the Frost Drakon based from the design of #DrakonsForLife Winner: 7th Stranger. It was made available in 4 colors with the rare purple 1/1 creation awarded to the same winner.

#DrakonsForLife Design Winner
Drakons Design Concept execution of the “Cold One”

3. Trading inside Drakons— On 19 November 2021, we opened Drakons Trading inside Drakons wherein Drakon Masters could trade their battle loots with each other. This feature ensures the safety of trading as you will surely receive what you are trading for as compared to trading outside the platform.

Here are helpful videos on how trading works and how can put your items for trade:

4. Treasury of Alchemy— On 26 November 2021, Drakons’ $DRK Staking and Farming in Polygon went live. More details of these feature will be discussed on a separate article.

5. Drakons Token: DRAKOIN $DRK (Polygon)Listing in P2PB2BDrakons Utility Token was listed in P2PB2B Centralized Exchange on 14 December 2022. Drakon Masters were able to trade $DRK, as well as participate in the Trade Wars Contest among Drakon Masters for the coveted limited Christmas Edition x Legendary Metal Drakons.

Our congratulations to the following winners:

5. Collaboration with Mana Games — Drakons collaborated with Mana Games, a P2P (peer to peer) eSports Challenges and Tournament Platform, where you can create, compete, and earn cryptocurrencies and NFTs. The collaboration jumpstarted the launch of the Christmas Edition Drakons that were given away as prizes to Mana Games promotions.

6. Christmas Limited Edition 2021 Drakons — Each year, Drakons launches the Christmas Edition Drakons to celebrate the yuletide spirit as well as its Anniversary which falls on the 20th of December (starting 2019).

For 2021, the inspiration were the Grinch, the Nutcracker and the Gingerbread. We hope you have collected these wonderful Drakons.

Drakons also created a special Christmas edition x Legendary Metal Drakons which were not sold in the Marketplace but can only be acquired by participation in various Drakons events like Tournament, Trade Wars and the like.

7. Drakons Tournament of Masters— The Third Annual Drakon Master’s Tournament is the much awaited event in Drakons that aims to promote fun and camaraderie between Drakon Masters while testing their strategies and prowess in Drakon’s latest arena, the TOURNAMENT OF MASTERS!

Drakons opened its registration for the Tournament of Masters on 13 December of 2021, in time for the Tournament of Drakon Masters starting on 8 January 2022. The event was co-sponsored by MarvelousNFTs and My Crypto Gemx who provided prizes for Drakon Masters.

The Tournament of Masters (January 8 to 15, 2022) was participated by pre-registered Drakon Masters battling for the coveted Emerald Gem Cup and various prizes that include a 1/1 issue of the Legendary Metal Drakon. The week-long event kicked off with a Qualifying Battle using all Drakon Elements. The Top 20 qualifiers were assigned to their respective teams (Dark vs Light) for the elimination round.

The Dark Team prevailed over the Light Team in the Eliminations where they battled using one Drakon element assigned each day. The members of the winning Dark Team were again divided to compete for the Championship as the Supreme vs Ultimate Team.

The Supreme Team proved their supremacy as they won over the Ultimate Team in an all-out one hour all elements final battle while Drakon Master PapaJehlly was declared as the Emerald Cup Tournament MVP.

Congratulations to all Drakon Masters and see you in the next tournament coming June 2022!

8. Formless x Drakons — Drakons collaborated with Formless, the world’s first play-to-earn and Metaverse game aggregator linking games, gamers and guilds for a series of Ask Me Anything (AMA) that gave both our communities the chance to know both projects.

9. CNY Tiger Water Drakon 2022— Each year to celebrate and usher the Chinese New Year, we introduce the CNY Limited Edition x Epic Drakons. For 2022, we bring you the Tiger Water Drakons that will give you good luck and an Epic Move that will be something surprisingly different, so watch out for it! Interestingly, this Drakon was born on-chain on a lucky date: 02–02–2022.

10. Halloween Drakons Epic Moves — Drakon Masters who are lucky to own the Bakunawa and Mangkukulam 2021 Halloween Limited Edition x Epic Drakons are in for a treat as we launched their Epic Moves on 04 February 2022. Drakons should be leveled up to Rune Level 24 to unlock their Epic Moves.

The Bakunawa’s Epic Move is called Lunar Blast, A magic attack that allows the Drakon to use the power of the 7 moons to trap its enemy in lunar spheres causing damage by stun effects while healing itself in the next three succeeding turns.

On the other hand, the Mangkukulam has Kulam, a black magic attack that allows the Drakon to cast voodoo curses and needle piercing to weaken its opponent’s defenses causing continuous bleeding damage in the next three succeeding turns.

11. #DrakonsInLove Contest — To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we requested our community to create funny, sweet and fun valentine’s day greetings. Here are their creations.

Contest winner are as follows:

12. Valentine’s Day 2022 Limited Edition Drakon — Drakons always create limited edition Drakons on major occasions such as Valentine’s Day. For this valentine season, we made sure it’s something different than the usual. You can check them in the marketplace.

For the first time, we have a “crying” Earth Drakon (it maybe quite sometime to do this again so better get this Drakon NFT ). We created this to remind ourselves how worthy we are to be loved in spite of and despite of…We celebrate ourselves! Love should start from oneself, whether you are brokenhearted, in a complicated relationship, in a happy relationship or single. Celebrate yourself, including your heartbreaks, your frustrations, and your failures. It is okay not to be okay because like this Drakon, we often get defeated but still come back stronger!

We have a “rainbow” Fire Drakon to signify that Love is for everyone. Love is for all colors, for all genders and we believe that all living things deserves to be loved.

13. Spores x Drakons — Drakons collaborated with Spores, a GameFi & Metaverse ecosystem that is creator-centric, community driven, and borderless for a series of Ask Me Anything (AMA) that gave both our communities the chance to know both projects.

Aside from the AMA series, we also launched limited edition Spores x Frost Elite Drakons and the Gold Edition of the CNY 2022 Limited Edition x Epic Drakons exclusively in the Spores Marketplace.

14. Legendary Metal Drakons OG Edition — To cap off this article, Drakons is happy to announce the come back of the Legendary Metal Drakons OG Edition. This edition is extra special as each Metal Drakon is designed in 1/1 unique version, meaning no Metal Drakons will look alike in this OG edition. It is called OG edition as this is the original design (when we created Drakons) or vintage edition of the Legendary Drakons. Catch them in the Marketplace.

Our next article will discuss the New Season and will be released in the next coming days so stay tuned as we promise to bring you more surprises, Drakon Masters!

Thank you all for your support!

Drakons Note: Please note that details such as game play, UI/UX, game implementations, etc. may change in the future as Drakons is continuously improving the platform for all Drakon Masters, and if these changes are major, we will announce them either on separate articles in the future, or in Drakons official Discord Channel and Telegram Channel.

We encourage that you keep in touch and always #BeADrakonMaster!

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