Boosts after boosts after boosts

PART 1: On Card Boosts and many more…


Drakons Market Place
Fire Drakon with detailed ASI: Agility, Strength and Intelligence
A Metal Drakon with Perfect and the highest ASI.

Card Boosts

Battle Card Boosts Inventory

Earning Card Boosts

Sample of Cards won or obtained from a Ranked Battle. This can be found in a Drakon Master’s Inventory

Card Boost Configuration

The Epic Rat’s Plague Bite Card
The WRLD Drakon’s Counter GaleCard

Using Card Boosts

Battle Card Selection for Earth Drakons
Earth Drakon Battle Card: Earth Blast and Stoning

A strategy game and crypto collectibles site powered by blockchain that lets you collect, breed, sire, sell and battle with digital dragons or Drakons.

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