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PART 2: On Food Boosts and many more…


Water Drakons — 69,610

Metal Drakons — 68,610

Frost Drakon — 65,860

Earth Drakons — 65,860

Fire Drakons — 58,360

Air Drakons — 54,750

However, despite the Air Drakons’ low HP, they have the strongest attacks against opponents as opposed to Water Drakons. In fact, Water Drakons are a weaker element compared to Air Drakons. That means that in a battle between an Air and a Water Drakon, the Air Drakon will always have an additional elemental advantage boost over the Water Drakon.

So aside from knowing that HP is the lifeblood of every Drakon in Drakons.IO, it is also important to know that it is the basis of determining the winner in every battle. This means that after the 8th move in any battle, the Drakon which has the most HP as a percentage over its original HP at the beginning of the battle wins.

For example, a battle between Drakon A and Drakon B may be computed as follows. Drakon A has 1000 HP while Drakon B has 2000 HP at the start of the battle. After 8 turns, Drakon A was able to deal 300 points of damage against Drakon B, bringing Drakon B’s HP to 1700, while Drakon B was able to deal 100 points of damage against Drakon A, bringing Drakon A’s HP to 900. Despite these values, Drakon A will be declared victorious instead of Drakon B which has higher HP.

Why? Because Drakon A’s damage was only 10%, hence it still has 90% remaining HP. while Drakon B, although it has 1700 HP, which is higher than the 900 HP of Drakon A, was actually damaged by 15%, meaning its remaining HP is only 85%. This is the guiding principle in declaring the winner in every battle, whatever arena it may be.

HP in the Drakons Arena

However, in Ranked Arena and the soon to be launched Ultimate Battle Arena, the HP of every Drakon gets depleted depending on the actual damage taken from the battle. This HP regenerates with a rate of 1% every 3 mins, meaning if a Drakon loses 50% of its HP after a Ranked Battle, it will take around 150 minutes or 2 hours and 30 minutes for the Drakon to regenerate its HP to the full 100%. Take note that Drakons with less than 50% HP cannot be sent to any Ranked or Ultimate battle arena.

On the other hand, the Ultimate Battle Arena has a different set of rules. Drakons that were sent to Ultimate Battles will never regenerate and will be stuck at their HP status after every battle.

With all these considerations, it’s now time for a new feature: Food Boosts which we softly introduced this August 2020. Yes! Even Drakons need food!

Food Boosts

Earning Food Boosts

The fastest and best way to get food boosts is from the Drakons Marketplace. These can be bought using Drakons tokens (details of this type of purchase will be explained on next articles). Food may be purchased per item or required HP boost levels or in special packaged bundles.

Food Boost Configuration

Air Drakon

Air Drakons eat bird meat like chicken, turkey, goose, or duck. Depending on the said food, the HP boost that they can provide the Air Drakons varies. As shown below, the chicken can provide 10%, the goose 25% boost, the turkey 50% and the duck can provide a full or 100% HP boost to an Air Drakon.

Air Drakon Food Boosts
Earth Drakon

Earth Drakons eat vegetables, shrubs and other plants but have a strong preference for fruits because of their sweet taste. Their favorite are sherbet berries, a fruit similar to blueberries. This is perhaps the reason why they were first discovered in India as sherbet berries grow abundantly in that place. As shown below, the apple can provide a 10% boost, the mango a 25% boost, the sherbet berries 50% and the dragon fruit a complete 100% HP boost to an Earth Drakon.

Earth Drakon Food Boosts
Fire Drakon

Fire Drakons are carnivorous! They eat all types of meat and have a strong preference for animal meat like pork that can provide 10% boost, lamb for 25% boost, cow for 50% boost and their favorite, the deer meat that can provide a full or 100% HP boost for a Fire Drakon.

Fire Drakon Food Boosts
Water Drakon

Water Drakons naturally love seafood! They have strong preference for fishes like mackerel for 10% boost, rainbow trout for 25% boost, sturgeon for 50% boost and the koi carp gives full or 100% HP boost for a Water Drakon.

Water Drakon Food Boosts
Frost Drakon

Frost Drakons are like the Water Drakons since they eat all types of seafood and have a preference for fishes. But these Drakons are very partial to ice cold fishes which are abundant in Antarctica where they were also first discovered. They eat cod fish for a 10% boost, the tooth fish that can provide 25% boost, the ice fish for 50% boost and the dragon fish for a complete 100% HP boost for a Frost Drakon.

Frost Drakon Food Boosts
Metal Drakon

The Metal Drakons are the only Drakons that do not actually eat real food, but they hoard shiny and precious gems or jewels and of course, metals. These precious treasures like bronze can give a Metal Drakon an HP boost of 10%, the silver for 25% boost, the gold for 50% boost. Jewels or a treasure of gems will fully maximize their HP by 100%.

Metal HP Boosts

Using Food Boosts

Edit Skills/Card Setup View

There are several ways of feeding a Drakon. One way is via the Card Setup Page of a particular Drakon or this is whenever you Edit the Skills (Card) of your Drakon. You will notice a button called “View Boosts” which is just beneath the Drakons platform (see Image as guide).

Once you click or tap the “View Boosts” button, it will open the Boosts page where all other available boosts are listed including Food Boosts.

Go to Food Boosts and select the food based on the preferred HP level boost you want to feed your Drakon, and this will instantly heal or restore your Drakon’s HP. The Food Boosts page is filtered based on your Drakon’s element. As seen in this example, it is an Earth Drakon so the food available is for Earth Drakons.

Drakon Boosts Page

The second and probably the quickest way to Feed Drakons is via the Arena.

A Drakon with depleted HP and needs to be fed.

Simply click or tap on the ❤️ near the HP bar, and the food boosts available for that Drakon will be shown.

Earth Drakon Food Boosts

You may select your preferred food boost to quickly feed the Drakon and restore its HP.

That’s about it for Food Boosts! Always remember that even Drakons need food too!

Collect as much Food Boosts as you can and save for the coming Ultimate Battle Arena! For in this arena, Drakons’ HP will not regenerate. Drakons will need food to regenerate their HP and only the food above can provide these HP boosts.

Stay updated! Read our next article, where we have introduced a new boost: Stones!

Keep in touch and #BeADrakonMaster!

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