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PART 3: On Stone Boosts and many more…


In Part 1, we explained that aside from considering a Drakon’s ASI (Agility, Strength and Intelligence), Drakon Masters should level up their Drakon’s battle cards or skill sets because Card Boosts can be a major factor to yield victories in the Drakons.IO battle arena as it will boost their offensive moves against their opponents.

In Part 2, we discussed that even Drakons need food and that Food Boosts can provide instant HP regeneration or heal wounded Drakons. This is especially crucial if you love sending a specific Drakon to Ranked or Ultimate Battle arenas to fight consecutively.

Now, for Part 3, we will discuss a special boost that Drakon Masters can take advantage of and emerge victorious in the arena: Introducing the Stone Boosts!

Stone Boosts

Stone Boosts can instantly provide a boost similar to an elemental advantage of a Drakon. A Drakon with an elemental advantage against another Drakon can weaken the defenses of the disadvantaged Drakon by 20%.

There are Drakons that are by default stronger than other elements as seen below in this illustration:

Drakons‘ ’Elemental Advantage over each other

For instance, Air Drakons have an elemental advantage over Water Drakons, while Water Drakons have an elemental advantage over Fire Drakons. Fire Drakons have an elemental advantage over Earth Drakons, and Earth Drakons have an elemental advantage over Air Drakons. This was explained before in the past article: Getting started with Drakons.IO!

As of writing, applying any Stone gives a boost to a Drakon by weakening the defenses of its opponent Drakon by 20%, but in the near future, Stones can provide a more powerful boost if the right Elemental Stone is matched with the right Elemental Drakon. See the images below on the Stone and Drakon matchup. The importance of these Elements and Stones to Drakons were discussed in previous Drakons Origin Story.

The Air Drakon and the Sapphire Stone
The Earth Drakon and the Emerald Stone
The Fire Drakon and the Ruby Stone
The Water Drakon the Pearl Stone
The Frost Drakon and the Diamond Stone
The Metal Drakon and a Titanium Stone

Collaboration with MyCryptoGemx

Drakons Collaboration with My Crypto Gemx

My Crypto Gemx is the exclusive designer and distributor of My Crypto Gemx or Gemx which are blockchain assets (ERC 1155) or Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that can be bought or traded separately as crypto-collectibles in Rarible and OpenSea marketplaces.

My Crypto Gemx or Gemx

My Crypto Gemx comes in two versions, the ERC721 version or the My Crypto Gemx v1 and the ERC1155 version, or the My Crypto Gemx v2.

Collecting Gemx Stone Boosts

Inventory Icon/Button

You can access your Inventory Page from your Drakons Dashboard or in the Arena Page by clicking on the Inventory Icon/Button as seen on image.

Although Gemx come in ERC721 and ERC1155 versions, they will be displayed collectively inside the Inventory Page as seen below.

Gemx Stone Boosts inside Drakons Inventory Page
Sample ERC1155 Gemx Stone Boosts & showing number of Gemx

Both the Gemx ERC721 and ERC1155 versions are displayed by Gemx type. However, only the ERC1155 version, especially if you own more than one, will indicate a quantity of more than 1 at the lower left side of each owned Gemx type.

The number or quantity of Gemx will also reflect the total available Gemx that can be equipped to an equal number of Drakon (1:1), excluding those that are in “cooldown” status.

Using Stone Boosts

Stone Boosts can be used to any or all of your Drakons, meaning, you may use it with one Drakon then reuse the same Stone to another Drakon provided that you use it not at the same time. There should always be a 1:1 Stone and Drakon ratio. After using a Stone in a battle, it will have a 5 minute “cooldown” status, and only after this can a Drakon reuse the same Stone for battle.

For Gemx Stone Boosts, there are two ways of equipping a Drakon.

One way is via the Card Setup Page of a particular Drakon, This is whenever you edit the Skills (Card) of your Drakon. You will notice a button called “View Boosts” which is just beneath the Drakons platform (see Image as guide).

Once you click or tap the “View Boosts” button, it will open the Inventory Page where all other available boosts are listed including Gemx Stone Boosts.

You will notice that this is the same inventory page where other boosts like Food Boosts are also found. This means that you can do both actions from the Inventory page, so you may equip your Drakon with a Gemx Stone and at the same time, feed your Drakon to boost its HP.

A Metal Drakon equipped with Gemx Stones

In the image shown above, all Gemx owned by a Drakon Master will be displayed along with their quantities per type (number indicator at the lower left of every Gemx). The list will also display Gemx that are equipped to the Drakon and also Gemx in “cooldown” status as shown on the second Gemx. Remember that Gemx that are in “cooldown” mode cannot be used to boost a Drakon.

To equip Gemx to a Drakon, simply click or tap the “Equip Item” button and confirm. After confirming, the Gemx number will decreased by one and the button will change from “Equip Item” to “Unequip Item”. Clicking or tapping the “Unequip Item” button will remove the Gemx from the Drakon.

Take note also that Gemx can only be equipped to a Drakon one at a time. And after each battle, Gemx needs to “cooldown” for 5 minutes.

After equipping Gemx to a Drakon, it will be attached and displayed on the lower left portion of the Drakon’s platform. This will always remain there until it gets consumed in a battle. This means that even in the Arena page, Drakons with Gemx boosts could easily be identified with the Gemx on their platforms as seen on image below.

Drakons in the Arena equipped with Gemx Stones

The second and probably the quickest way to Boost a Drakon with Gemx is via the Arena.

An EPIC Rat Drakon ready to be equipped with stone boosts.

Simply click or tap on the Drakon’s stone icon above the Drakon’s name (as seen on above image), and in an instant, all available Gemx Stone boosts will be displayed for use (see image below). This window also contains a BUY BOOSTS button to navigate to the page where more boosts options could be availed.

Available gem stone boosts for easy access from the Arena page.

Stone Boosts Effect

As mentioned above, equipping your Drakon with Stones will provide it a boost similar to an elemental advantage of a Drakon.

So how do the boosts translate to the actual damage of a Drakon’s attack? They affect the Drakon’s total damage! The Drakon’s defense decreases by 20% when battling a Drakon with an elemental advantage.

Referring to part 1 of this article, Drakons’ attacks are calculated based on their attributes, which includes their attack and defense attributes.

Using the same examples in part 1, the formula of

Net Damage = (A * A) / (A + D) where D = Opponent’s Defense will be altered to:

Net Damage = (A * A) / (A + (D * 0.8)) where D = Opponent’s Defense

Notice that only 80% of the opponent’s Defense attribute will be used hence increasing the net damage of the Drakon using a Stone.

If Drakon A will be using a Stone Boost, the resulting damage of a blast will be:

Net Damage = (5286 * 5286) / (5286 + (1320 * 0.8))

Hence delivering a total damage of:

Net Damage = 4405 points instead of just 4229 points

It is indeed a game changer especially when used in a very close battle between two Drakons. However, using Stone Boosts don’t ensure a 100% chance of victory. Success in battle still depends on battle card setup or how the cards were arranged strategically.

Take note that a Drakon using Stone Boosts battling against a Drakon with an elemental advantage will neutralize the advantage and balances the arena for both Drakons. Using Stone Boosts for a Drakon with a default elemental advantage over its opponents would double the power of that Drakon.

Always remember, every Drakon has unique characteristics and attributes compared to other Drakons. In the battle arena, it’s no longer all about who has the highest ASI, or the highest attributes. Now, using Card Boosts can enhance the attack powers of a Drakon, and using Stone Boosts provide instant elemental advantage-like boosts. It really pays off to always learn the power of every Drakon and combine it with the powers of their battle cards.

Always collect as much boosts as you can and save for the Ultimate Battle Arena. For in this arena, Drakon Masters will be battling not only for medals or bragging rights in the leaderboard, they will be battling for real rewards and earnings.

Stay updated and and read our next article, The Drakons Leaderboards & Rewards, where everything you need to know on how to be part of the greatest Drakon Masters Leaderboards and earn rewards.

Keep in touch and #BeADrakonMaster!

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