Dissecting the #NFTLiberty Drakons


The 2021 #NFTLiberty Elite Frost Drakons

The #NFTLiberty Drakons were created in partnership with our friends from BitcoinLive, Jan Dalmulder and CryptoND. They approached us and asked if we would be interested in supporting the non-fungible freedom, #NFTLiberty Project. Drakons of course is delighted to be part of a noble project that promotes artistic creative spirit and freedom in the creation of NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens. This common purpose gave birth to our #NFTLiberty Drakons which are featured in this article.


The #NFTLiberty Drakons are available in 4 colors;

  1. Liberty Green — as tribute to the color of the present statue of Liberty, we use this rare Liberty Green color. The Drakon in Liberty green was only made available exclusively in the #NFTLiberty event shows of BitcoinLive from April 22–25, 2021.
#NFTLiberty Drakon in Liberty Green Color

The 3 additional colors are available in the Drakons Marketplace under Elite Drakons and deployed in Polygon (Matic) Network

2. Copper — the original color of the statue of Liberty according to the NY Historical Society when it was gifted to the USA is copper. Its present color green was a result of weathering.

#NFTLiberty Drakon in Copper Color

3 & 4. The Frost Blue and Icy White colors are its natural colors as Frost Drakons.

#NFTLiberty Drakon in Frost Blue (L) and Icy White (R) Color


With the title and theme, “#NFTLiberty Project: non-fungible freedom” Drakons artists made the following design interpretation and details for the Drakon and their platforms:

The #NFTLiberty Drakon
The #NFTLiberty Platform


Another first for the #NFTLiberty Drakons is that it will feature a Double Badge distinction. Aside from being ELITE Drakons, the #NFTLiberty Drakons are also LIMITED EDITION Drakons specially made for the 2021 #NFTLiberty event of BitcoinLive.

#NFTLiberty Drakon x BitcoinLive Limited Edition Badge (L) and Elite Frost Drakon Badge (R)


The following will be the Total Number of #NFTLiberty Drakons that will be minted in Drakons.

The #NFTLiberty Drakons are non-breedable, so there will only be a total of 85 Drakons that will be minted in the blockchain.


The #NFTLiberty Drakons element is Frost as they are powerful and are officially classified as Elite warriors in Drakons. They are the evolved version of the Water Drakons with extreme healing abilities. The decision to make the #NFTLiberty as Frost Drakons was perfect as they are beautiful, born natural healers and considered the fairest of all Drakons.

We believe that art is therapeutic. It heals both the artist by freely expressing their ideas, emotions and expressions into art and to the spectators, we heal as we appreciate, when we feel empathy and connection to the art reminding us of things we like or hate, of a memory, and that we are all one; similar yet different.

The Frost Drakons are not only beautiful but they are also powerful. The following are the statistics and capabilities of the ELITE FROST DRAKONS.

Frost Drakons are very capable in the Arena. They have the healing capabilities of WATER, but they are also capable of dealing a lot of damage from their magic attacks. Its survivability from healing and its devastating damage is a force that should be feared in the arena.

The base attributes of ELITE FROST is well balanced across the board, but is still superior compared to the four basic elements.

ELITE FROST scaling is also excellent. They are the only Element of Drakons that can increase their Speed Chance while levelling up. Because of this, ELITE FROST tend to unleash unrivaled damage on higher levels.

A unique characteristics of ELITE FROST is their ability to penetrate through defense cards. This is an overpowered ability that is only exclusive to ELITE FROST. This means that Frost Drakons’ Frozen Shot attack card can penetrate with higher rate (70%) through basic Defend card as opposed to others only 50% chance. While against an Aegis card, this card has a 50% chance of penetrating as opposed to others 0% chance.

From their superior base stats, ability to scale on higher levels, strong magic damage, ability to heal, and their chance to to penetrate defense cards. Frost Drakons were truly worthy of the status “ELITE”.


And all these powers of the Frost Drakons, when used with Resurgence Potion, can really cause serious damage against their opponents. And since their healing powers are also part of their magic powers, their healing also increases when used with Resurgence Potion (also available in Drakons Marketplace).

The Resurgence Potion

An example below shows a Frost Drakon with Resurgence Potion against another Frost Drakon without any potion. See the difference in the Damage of the Frost Drakon with Resurgence.

So, what else are you waiting for, go grab a Frost Drakon now and dominate the Ranked and Ultimate battle arenas in Drakons.IO.


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