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Equip for use to enhance your Drakons abilities (Part 1/2)

In every arena, a fighter’s competitive advantage is very important and this also applies in Drakons, especially when you are facing stiff competition as other Drakon Masters are getting better overtime. A single Attack Point (AP) that inflicts serious damage or every remaining Health Point (HP) matters in the battle’s outcome.

With the competitive nature of the Arena, Drakons released features to ensure that Drakon Masters have the option to boost their Drakons to their advantage. A Common Drakon can have a fighting chance against rare or even legendary Drakons by boosting its card skills. A fainted Drakon can be awakened to be more powerful using Resurgence Potion. Drakons can also use stones or gems for additional elemental advantage in its battles. And now, we are excited to introduce DRAKONS ACCESSORIES, developed in ERC-1155 NFT, which Drakon Masters can equip to their Drakons.


Drakons Accessories are not your ordinary accessories as aside from the extra “oomph” it gives your Drakons, they are also created to either enhance your Drakon’s abilities or in the future, weaken your opponent Drakon’s abilities.

Drakon Accessories like your Drakons are NFT Tokens, but they are developed in ERC-1155 token standard for NFTs. This would mean that these accessories can be traded in NFT marketplaces or in the future, maybe used in other blockchain games with Drakons game crossover.

In Drakons, the accessories can be equipped to a single Drakon to enhance the abilities of its attributes:

  1. Physical Attack
  2. Magic Attack
  3. Physical Defense
  4. Magic Defense
  5. Speed
  6. Critical Damage
  7. Critical Chance
  8. Attack Points
  9. Health Points (HP)

Not all accessories are made equal. Each type of accessory will bring different attribute boosts to a Drakon. So, Drakon Masters have the option to choose which accessory suits their play style and what Drakon attribute they wish to enhance.

Different Accessories will give different boosts. The Infused Energy provides +1 AP while the Iron Metallo Bracelet provides and additional +500 HP to a Drakon.

You may read more about attributes by reading these articles:

  1. https://articles.drakons.io/getting-started-with-drakons-io-battles-strategies-5ffe4ff0823f
  2. https://articles.drakons.io/drakons-battle-arena-update-4f5273fb8300

Some accessories are also created to give additional Agility, Strength, and Intelligence (commonly known as ASI) points. This is very important as a single point for each ASI will enhance or give improvements across all above mentioned attributes (more on this on part 2 of this article).


Purchase of Drakons accessories is exclusively available in Drakons Marketplace: https://www.drakons.io/marketplace/accessories using Drakoin Tokens ($DRK). To purchase Drakon Accessories, follow these steps:

STEP 1: Go to Marketplace-Equipment

STEP 2: Browse Accessories Page for desired Accessory. You may also click information (i) on each accessory for details.

STEP 3: Select desired accessory and click BUY

Note: you can also select multiple Accessories to buy.

STEP 4: Select desired Quantity (QTY) then, click BUY.

Note: selection of QTY is applicable only for single selection Accessory.
For purchase of multiple Accessories, it’s always set to QTY 1

STEP 5: Confirm purchase by signing in to your Digital Wallet.

Click SIGN in your digital wallet to confirm transaction.

STEP 6: This will open a prompt message to signify processing of transaction. Click CLOSE or view activities/transaction details.

STEP 7: Check your item(s) in your Dashboard — Inventory.

To do this, click Red Drakon Icon to go to your Dashboard then click the View Inventory icon (brown bag/pouch).

STEP 8: All your purchased item(s) will be added under Boosts-Accessories in your Dashboard — Inventory Page.

Make sure to click Accessories under your Boosts Page


Each accessory can be equipped to a single Drakon. Once an accessory is equipped, it will stay equipped on the specific Drakon unless it is manually unequipped.

A maximum of 3 accessories can be equipped to a Drakon. To date, there are no limitations for the combinations for the use of these accessories. Players can stack the same type of accessories, and equally, its enhancements will be combined too.

A Rare Earth Drakon Equipped with 3 Accessories

To equip a Drakon with accessories, there are 2 Options:

OPTION 1: Equip Accessories from the Arena Page

Step 1: Select one of the empty accessory boxes just beneath your Drakon

Step 2: A list of available accessories in your inventory will popup, you may hover to check information (i) on each accessory for details.

Step 3: Once information (i) is clicked, it will display the details and use of each accessory, as well as the available quantity for use.

Step 4: To equip a specific accessory to your Drakon, click USE ITEM.

Step 5: Equipped item or accessory in use will be displayed inside the accessory box beneath your Drakon. You may equip up to 3 accessories per Drakon.

Fire Drakon equipped with Iron Metallo Bracelet

OPTION 2: Equip Accessories via Drakon’s Skill Setup Page

Step 1: Click your Drakon’s EDIT SKILLS icon

Step 2: Follow steps 1 & 2 of Option 1 by clicking the empty accessory box and selecting the desired accessory to equip.

Step 3: Compared to Option 1, equipping accessories inside the edit skills page will immediately show you the enhancements or the effects of the Accessories on your Drakon’s attributes and/or Attack Points.

Pro Tip: To see the effect of the Accessories, you can view it on your Drakon’s EDIT SKILLS.

That is all for now, as today, September 13 marks the release of these ERC-1155 Drakons Accessories! Collect and use these accessories to your Drakon’s advantage. Stay updated! Read our next article, where we will discuss Combination and Use of these Accessories (Part 2).

Drakons Note: Please note that details such as game play, UI/UX, game implementations, etc. may change in the future as Drakons is continuously improving the platform for all Drakon Masters, and if these changes are major, we will announce them either on separate articles in the future, or in Drakons official Discord Channel and Telegram Channel. We encourage that you keep in touch and always #BeADrakonMaster!

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