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Combination, ASI enhancements, Recommendations and Accessories Tiers

The second part of the article on Drakons Accessories will discuss the use of combined accessories whether single type or varying types. We will also discuss accessories affecting a Drakon’s Agility, Strength and Intelligence or ASI.

We will give special focus on TIER 1 accessories; their details, and their impacts on your Drakons once equipped. We will also give our insights and recommendations on how you can maximize the use of these accessories.

Lastly, we will discuss Accessories Tiers and what to look forward to.


Since a Drakon can use a maximum of 3 accessories, it can maximize the use of the same type of accessories to its potential.

For example, a Drakon Master can equip a Drakon with three Infused Energy to give it a further +3 APs! This can be advantageous for Drakons that rely on giving more card moves compared to its opponents.

(L) The Rare Water Drakon only has 22 Attack Points but when 3 Infused Energy Accessories were equipped, the Drakon (R) now has 25 Attack Points (as seen on upper right ) to use which will enable it to additional card skills or a much stronger card skill.

Depending on a Drakons Master’s strategy, he can create various combinations on the use of these accessories to his battle advantage. This can be advantageous for Drakons that rely on giving more moves compared to its opponents or on Drakon Masters using strong cards with high APs.

The images below shows a before and after scenario on the Equipment of Accessories where we used two Iron Mettalo Bracelet and one Infused Energy:

(L) BEFORE: The Rare Fire Drakon with No Accessories has a total of 58,360 Health Points and 22 Attack Points, but after (R) applying two Iron Mettalo Bracelet (+1000 HP) and one Infused Energy (+1 AP), the Drakon’s Total Health Points increased to 59,360 and 23 Attack Points (+1000 HP, and +1 AP).

The use of these accessories is good in improving a Drakon Master’s battle strategies. An additional HP can improve the Drakon’s survivability with the additional +1000 HP, while the added AP boost will be enough to squeeze in another Attack Card or perhaps the use of a stronger card.

It is up to the Drakon Masters on what combination of accessories will suit their Drakons, and their game play strategy. This will definitely give players something that players can look forward to on their future strategies.


A Drakon’s Agility, Strength, and Intelligence (ASI) is its features that characterize its unique ability and power as a Drakon. The values of its attributes like Health Points (HP), Attack Points (AP), Defense Physical (DP), Defense Magic (DM), Attack (A), Magic Attack (MA), Speed (S) and Critical Chance (CC) defines the total power and strength of a Drakon (which are also dependent on the element of the Drakon).

Simply put, if your Drakon is intended for battle, ASI is very important as it defines a Drakon’s innate skillsets that affects all attributes. Perfect ASI Drakons are obtained only thru the Drakons marketplace or thru breeding using Eros Potions.

With Accessories, this is the first time that we have introduced an item that can actually boost and affect a Drakon’s ASI as in the past, items like stones, food and cards are used to boost only a Drakon’s specific attribute, but not its ASI.

So what does this mean for Drakon Masters? It means that you have the power to actually improve your Drakon’s innate skills, and this is crucial for those who have previously bought a Drakon for its looks without considering their skillsets and ASI. Drakon Masters that have Drakons with lower ASI will probably not perform well when matched up against Drakons which have higher or perfect ASI (although card arrangement is still a factor). Or if your Drakons collection or army is tied to a specific element but realized that it is low on agility, or strength, or intelligence. The use of accessories is your game changer that will make these things possible.

Compared to an accessory focus on a Drakon’s specific attributes, an accessory that enhances a Drakon’s ASI is far superior as it will actually affect all of your Drakon’s attributes. ASI points are used to calculate a Drakons’ attributes. The higher the ASI, the higher the base stats will be.

Here is the distribution of attributes per ASI point:

Drakons can only increase their ASI by levelling up its Rune levels. Its Agility, Strength, and Intelligence will increase 2 points each per Rune level. With the use of accessories, you can now increase ASI points giving your low ASI Drakons a fighting chance in the arena. Here are some examples of accessories that adds ASI points to your Drakon:

Accessories enhancing a Drakon’s ASI

Let’s make an example, if say a Drakon Master used three Peregrine’s Wings on a single Drakon. Three Peregrines’ Wings will give an additional +6 Agility.

(L) BEFORE: The Rare Earth Drakon with No Accessories has a total of 65,860 Health Points and 21 Attack Points, but AFTER (R) applying three Peregrine Wings, the Drakon’s Total Health Points increased to 67,360 and 21 Attack Points (+1500 HP, and +1 AP). Details of other boosted attributes are shown also with Physical Attack (+30), Magic Attack (+10), Physical Defense (+10), Magic Defense (+10).

Here’s a detailed Before and After Table of Boosted Attributes after a Drakon was equipped with 3 Peregrine’s Wings (+6 Agility):


  1. The Great Claw of Leon
Adds +50 Physical Attack

“Sharpened by the thousands battles of the Great Leon beast. It gives a Drakon the ability to perform powerful physical attacks against its opponent.”

Once equipped, The Great Claw of Leon shall provide your Drakon with additional +50 Physical Attack. This is very useful for Earth Drakons attack, as all of Earth Drakon attacks are physical damage. It can also be useful for Fire Drakons, if majority of your moves are composed by Flame Burst, and Burning Scratch.

Fire Drakon using 1 The Great Claw of Leon (L) and using 2 The Great Claw of Leon (R)

2. Queen’s Amulet

Adds +40 Magic Attack

“The amulet was said to be owned by a great undefeated Warrior Queen giving Drakons the power to attack and ensnare its opponent.”

The Queen’s Amulet is an accessory that adds magic attack to your Drakon. This is very useful for magic damage dealing Drakons like Air, Frost, and Water. Fire can also benefit on this if the move set is mainly composed of Fire Blast, Magma Flare, and Chain Eruption.

Boosting magic attack also increases burn damage of Fire, Healing power of Water and Frost Drakons.

Fire Drakon using one Queen Amulet

3. Jerkin of Protection

Adds +100 Physical Defense

“A Jerkin made from toughest leather and forged with powerful magic. Protects a Drakon against powerful attacks.”

The Jerkin of Protection is an accessory that boosts a Drakon’s physical defense by 100 points. This is very useful against physical damage attacks of Earth elements. It can also be useful against Metal as it can reduce their damage. We recommend using at least two Jerkin to maximize its effectiveness

We recommend using at least 2 Jerkin of Protection to maximize its effectiveness

4. Force Redux

Adds +60 Magic Defensee

“A stolen ring of the Dark Warlock that gives a Drakon additional magic defense.”

Force Redux is a very useful accessory as it can add magic defense. Majority of attacks of Drakons are magic. Air, Water, and Frost are magic damage dealing Drakons, while majority of Fire attacks are magic too. It can also reduce the damage of Metal Drakons. Definitely, Force Redux is a must have item at your disposal. We recommend using Force Redux on Drakons with already high Magic Defense like Air and Water.

We recommend using Force Redux on Drakons with already high Magic Defense like Air and Water.

5. Iron Metallo Bracelet

Adds +500 Health Points

“A Bracelet created from the mixture of the highest form of iron known in the Universe. Wearing it will give a Drakon extreme vitality.”

Iron Metallo Bracelet is a very useful accessory as it adds 500 HP to your Drakon. It can be useful to any Drakon element. Water can use this item to further increase their HP, or Air Drakons can use it to improve its survivability. If you always find your Drakon on a losing side of a very tight battle with just a HP difference as small as 0.05% to 0.10% between your Drakons, the Iron Metallo Bracelet can be very useful for you. It can be most effective if you equip more than one of these for a Drakon.

Without Iron Metallo Bracelet, the default HP is 66,450 (L) but with two Iron Metallo Bracelet the Drakon’s HP to 67,450 or an additional 1000 HP (R).

6. Infused Energy

Adds +1 Attack Point

“A combination of various elemental energies. It gives a Drakon the ability to access more magic.”

Infused Energy is one of the most useful items on the Tier 1 Accessories. By equipping this accessory, you can boost your Drakon’s Attack Points (AP) by 1 point. Having access to additional AP will enable you to squeeze more card/s in your setup. Being able to add 1 more Flame burst, or Hydro Cohesion compared to your opponent is a superb advantage. Depending on your liking, you can equip two or three Infused Energy to gain +2 or +3 APs.

Without Infused Energy, the default Attack Points is 23 (L) while on the (R) Drakon using 1 Infused Energy increased its AP to 24.

7. Scroll of Athena

Adds +2 Intelligence

The scroll with the sacred writings of the Goddess of Wisdom. Reading Athena’s scroll is said to increase a Drakon’s intelligence.”

The Scroll of Athena adds 2 points of Intelligence to a Drakon. Overall, it will add 40 points of magic attack, 10 points of magic defense, and 0.2 Attack points. It is like Queen’s amulet, but because we are increasing the Drakon’s intelligence, some attributes will also be boosted. This will be useful for most Drakons except for Earth.

Compare Stats without the Scroll of Athena (L) and with the boosted stats applying the Scroll of Athena (R).

8. Helm of Terror

Adds +2 Strength

“The Helm of Terror gives Drakons an overpowering might to terrorize and defeat its opponent in battle.”

Helm of Terror is also one of the three Tier 1 accessories that increases a Drakon’s ASI. A Drakon equipped by Helm of Terror will gain +2 Strength. Overall, it will add 1000 Health points, 20 Physical Attack Points, 10 points of Physical Defense. The main highlight of increasing your Drakon by 2 points is the additional 1000 HP.

If your goal is to increase your Drakon HP, just one Helm of Terror is better than two Iron Metallo Bracelet, because Helm of Terror will also give bonus Physical Attack, and Physical Defense.

Helm of Terror will also only consume one slot of Accessory, compare to two slots when using two Iron Metallo Bracelet for the same HP increase. Being able to only use 1 accessory slot for 1000 HP will give you more options for the remaining two slots.

At first glance, because of its overall attributes, it seems very useful for Earth, Water, and Metal. But if you look at it as a way to boosts HP. It will be very useful for every Drakon element.

Compare Stats without the Helm of Terror (L) and with the boosted stats applying the Helm of Terror (R)

9. Peregrine’s Wings

Adds +2 Agility

“A Peregrine’s wings provides a Drakon with great agility to move or fly faster.”

The Peregrine’s wings adds 2 points of Agility to a Drakon. Overall, it gives 500 Health Points, 10 Physical Attack, 20 Magic Attack, 20 Physical Defense, 20 Magic Defense, and 0.18 Attack Points.

Agility is the attribute that can boost a lot of stats across the board. Peregrine’s wings is like a swiss army knife. Just by using one Peregrine’s wings, you can gain a lot of benefits. It will certainly be useful to any Drakon element.

Compare Stats without the Peregrine’s Wings (L) and with the boosted stats applying the Peregrine’s Wings (R)


The best thing about Accessories is the amount of possible combinations you can experiment on. It is like creating your own pizza or choosing the desired toppings for your ice cream.

For the record, our recommendations will only consist of full accessories setups (all slots used).

  1. Helm of Terror + 2

As discussed earlier, the Helm of Terror can be combined with two accessories of your choice. This combination will give you the extra HP your Drakon needs and a lot of flexibility.

2. Boom-Boom-Pow

This setup is only focused on dealing more damage. If you are confident about your card setup, and that losing a lot of HP is not a concern, or at least feeding your Drakons is not a concern, then the Boom-Boom-Pow setup might be good for you.

3. Peregrine’s Wings Spam

If you want to use huge boosts across the board, then spamming on using Peregrine’s Wings is the way to go.

These recommendations are general suggestions only that can become the reference of your own future accessories’ setups. The best one will always be the one that works for you and your strategy.


The release of Drakons accessories will be divided into 3 Tiers, with the first tier launched very recently. Each succeeding tier will be better than the previous tier, whereas, the higher the tier level, the higher the boosts (and of course, the cost and rarity of these accessories). The high tier accessories will also have additional passive effects on the equipped Drakon.

Tier 1 items discussed above are now available in the marketplace for Drakon Masters to try and use for their battle advantage. For the next tiers, Tier 2 and 3 Accessories, here are the things that can be expected:

· Reduce opponent’s critical chance/damage

· Ability to change element

· Reduce opponent’s defenses

· Increase critical chance

· Increase healing

These sure are exciting effects that we can’t wait to introduce to you for another new level of gameplay and strategy in Drakons. We often say that not all Drakons are created equal, but with the use of boosts and accessories, you now gain a ticket to level with or level up your type of playing field against your opponents.

We hope that you have enjoyed the article and is excited to try these accessories for your Drakons. Accessories are available for purchase using Drakoin ($DRK) Tokens at Drakons Marketplace. Let’s BLING IT ON!

In case you missed the first part of this article, please read Drakons Accessories (1/2).

Until next time…

Drakons Note: Please note that details such as game play, UI/UX, game implementations, etc. may change in the future as Drakons is continuously improving the platform for all Drakon Masters, and if these changes are major, we will announce them either on separate articles in the future, or in Drakons official Discord Channel and Telegram Channel. We encourage that you keep in touch and always #BeADrakonMaster!

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