Drakons New Season: October 26 to November 30, 2021

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Season Review and New Season Launch

SEASON REVIEW (August-October 2021)

As the recent 3-month season ended this October 25,2021, let’s look back on the following milestones:

  1. New playing (arena) protocols were implemented: battle matching of players, HP regeneration, feeding limits, gifting, battle loots, etc.
  2. Increased maximum shards/gems earning cap as rewards daily in Ranked and weekly during UBA and during end season.
  3. Eligibility and claiming of rewards for Drakon Masters based on number of ranked battles, DMP and ranking.
  4. SimpleSwap x Drakons GiveAway
Limited Edition SimpleSwap sponsored and custom Water Drakons were given away by SimpleSwap to their community

5. Legendary Polygon Metal Drakons Version 2

The Legendary Polygon Metal Drakons Version 2 (SOLDOUT in Drakons Marketplace)

6. Drakons Lab and the Rare Drakons.

Drakons Lab

7. Community Event: Rarest of them All Beauty Contest

L: Rarest of them All Contest, R: Winner of contest designed by Drakon Master Rogicide

8. Limited Edition: Epic Heroes 2021 and launch of their Epic Moves

L: Epic Heroes to commemorate Philippine National Heroes Day, R: Epic Hero moves

9. Limited Edition “Hubberz” Fire Drakon in collaboration with NFT Hub

10. Introduction of Drakons Accessories in ERC-1155 to boost a Drakon’s battle performance. See related articles 1 and 2.

11. Community Event: Drakons for Life Contest (Design your Drakons to Life)

L: Special Award (Most liked/RT), R: Finalists of the Contest
Selected Winner by Drakons Community

12. Drakoin $DRK Tokens (Polygon Network) Listing in P2PB2B Centralized Exchange

NEW SEASON (October-November 2021)

October 26 is the start of Drakons New Season, here’s what can be expected:

  1. The 25th day of October 2021 celebrates the end of the Ranked Season for all Drakon Masters, and to commemorate the said feat, Drakons will burn 5,500,000 Drakoin Tokens $DRK scheduled before the month ends, which is the approximate equivalent of all $DRK transactions in Polygon Network in the said season.
  2. As requested by numerous players, the new season will go back to a duration of 1 MONTH: October 26 to November 30, 2021.
  3. The new season coincides with the launch of the Halloween 2021 Limited Edition Drakons. We love Halloween so we are giving you no tricks but only treats as we made it special by creating a halloween edition in all 4 basic elements: Air, Earth, Fire and Water. This year’s theme is Philippine Folklore Monsters, read on their description to learn more about these monsters.

Two of these Drakons will be marked as Halloween Limited Edition 2021: The “Kapre” and the “Manananggal”


Another two will possess a DOUBLE BADGE as these two Drakons are not only a Halloween Limited Editions but they are also EPIC DRAKONS:

Double Badge: Epic x Halloween Limited Edition 2021

At a later date, the “Mangkukulam” and the “Bakunawa” will be able to launch and unlock their Epic skills, stay tuned for the announcement from Drakons Team. For more information on Epic Drakons, read previous article: What makes an Epic Drakon Epic?

4. The Season Rewards are based on your Season End Drakon Master Ranking. Drakon Masters should have a minimum of 100 DMP and 100 Ranked Battles to be eligible for rewards.

5. The Drakon Master Rankings will be updated and be defined by the New Drakon Master Power (DMP) table effective 26 October 2021:

Drakon Master Rankings Effective October 26, 2021. To be eligible for Season Rewards, a Drakon Master should at least have 100 DMP and battled 100x in the Ranked Arena.

6. The Reawaken Button is available for FREE once every week and it will be reactivated again in three (3) days after last use. This gives Drakon Masters a chance to awaken fainted Drakons, especially those who doesn’t own any revive and resurgence potions. If you have several Drakons, it’s best to apply this when most of your Drakons have fainted, as the button applies to all of your fainted Drakons.

7. All Basic Elements (Air, Earth, Fire and Water) of Drakons will be able to battle in the Ranked Arena daily or for 24H x 7-days of the week, with the exception of Metal and Frost Drakons which will be BANNED on WEDNESDAYS in the Ranked Arena.
This is in response to player requests to provide them at least a day when Metal and Frost Drakons won’t be able to rule the battle arenas. However, Metal and Frost Drakons won’t be totally disabled for the said day, as they will have the UBA exclusively for this day. See UBA schedule in Item #12.

8. Drakons HP Regeneration and Battle Cooldown in Ranked Arena shall be based on the following:

9. Winning a battle in Ranked Arena will give Drakon Masters a chance to earn random food loots (Small Food Bundle: 10%-25%) with 10 Bundle limit/day . Health gets depleted in Ranked Arena so food is crucial to allow a Drakon to continuously battle.

10. The daily (24/7) Ranked Arena will give Drakon Masters the chance to earn 2000 to 5000 shards per win and as much as 500,000 shards or 500 gems per day (max cap per day). These daily shard loots are factored based on the Drakon Master’s Ranking detailed on Table 1 below.

11. A Drakon’s Rune Level will also allow a Drakon Master to earn additional or bonus shards loot, see Table 2 for details. For example, A Drakon Master with the rank of a Sergeant and with a Drakon Rune level 20 will have 2500+200 or 2700 Shard Loots per battle won in Ranked Arena.

L: Table 1 — Daily Shards Loot based on Drakon Master Rank, R: Table 2 — Bonus Shards Loot based on Drakon Rune Level

12. The Ultimate Battle Arena (UBA) will be open thrice (3x) every week or every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM UTC (24 hours) starting 3 November 2021. A Drakon’s HP in UBA will still never regenerate so you will need food and health potions to survive in this arena.

The UBA will follow the schedule and allowed elements below:

13. Since Ultimate Battle now opens thrice (3x) every week, the rewards will be distributed as follows effective 3 November 2021:

14. Launch of Drakons Element Season. The Drakons Element Season will define the schedule of Basic Drakons (Air, Earth, Fire and Water) boosted elements. The Drakons “in Season” will have an elemental boost that will positively affect or buffed up its Magic and Physical Attack as well as its Magic and Physical Defense depending on the season period of the year. Basic Drakons during this period will be naturally stronger or buffed up compared to other elements with the exception of the Legendary Metal Drakons and Elite Frost Drakons which are already strong all year round. After each period, they will go back to their normal strength levels. It will be ideal for Drakon Masters to use more of these “in Season” Drakons in battle during their Element Season. Please refer to the schedule below:

This new Season will usher more features and updates, please stay tuned as we promise to bring you more surprises, Drakon Masters!

Thank you all for your support!

Drakons Note: Please note that details such as game play, UI/UX, game implementations, etc. may change in the future as Drakons is continuously improving the platform for all Drakon Masters, and if these changes are major, we will announce them either on separate articles in the future, or in Drakons official Discord Channel and Telegram Channel.

We encourage that you keep in touch and always #BeADrakonMaster!

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