Drakons Season 14 Updates!

16 min readMay 7, 2022

12 Reasons to get you excited for the season.

Drakons is currently on its Season 14 and this article will discuss the changes, updates and what could be expected in Drakons:

  1. Drakons Season 14 began on 02 May 2022 and will end on the 4th of July 2022 (12:00 AM UTC).

2. The current season falls in the season of Earth Drakons, which means that Earth Drakons will gain an elemental boost that will positively affect its Magic and Physical Attack as well as its Magic and Physical Defense compared to other elements — with the exception of the Legendary Metal Drakons and Elite Frost Drakons which are already strong all year round. You may refer to the schedule below for guidance:

3. The End-Season Gem Rewards will be based on your Season Leaderboard Position. A total of 500,000 Gems will again be distributed to the Top 100 Drakon Masters in the Season Leaderboard. A Drakon Master should be at a minimum Season Rank of Knight 5 to be eligible for End-Season Gem Rewards.

The maximum number of gems as well as the number of qualified Drakon Masters may still be adjusted before the season ends. A surprise from Drakons might just be around the corner, as what happened in the previous season where instead of 500,000 gems, a total of 1M gems were allotted for the rewards pool and instead of 50 Drakon Masters, a total of top 100 Drakon Masters received their gems and loot by the end of the season.

4. Higher DMPs on every battle. This is to give a chance for active Drakon Masters to reach the rank of Grandmaster. Hence, more loot and rewards will be received at the end of the season.

5. The Mother’s Day Limited Edition and Egg-ster Surprise

For Mother’s Day celebrations, we usually give our mother flowers — and nothing beats roses when we want to show our affection. Let’s make it extra special by gifting our dear mothers with NFT Rose Drakons.

Drakons is relaunching its Valentine’s Edition Rose Drakons while adding 2 colors and a special edition (Rainbow) for Mother’s Day Celebration.

The Valentine’s Edition Rose Drakons (Reloaded for 2022)

Red Rose Drakon
Yellow Rose Drakon
White Rose Drakon
Pink Rose Drakon

The Mother’s Day Rose Drakons (2 new colors: Green and Blue)

Green Rose Drakon
Blue Rose Drakon

The Mother’s Day Special Edition Rose Drakon (Rainbow)

Rainbow Rose Drakon

These Rose Drakons will not be available in the Limited Edition marketplace as you will need to acquire them in the Surprise section in the Marketplace or by hatching the Egg-ster Surprise. The Surprise marketplace will be open starting May 9, 2022, and only 100 eggs will be available so better hurry until supplies last as the Surprise section marketplace will close immediately after all eggs are purchased.


Here’s what’s inside these Mother’s Day Egg-ster Surprises:

The Egg-xtra prizes:

There is a 60% chance that you will also receive random cards, and 50% chance for potions or extras as detailed below:

BONUS: If you are lucky enough to hatch any of these Rose Drakons, you are entitled to claim game tokens that you can use in Drakons Mini Games:

  • 30 Free Game Tokens for each Rainbow Mother’s Day Edition Drakon
  • 20 Free Game Tokens for each Blue or Green Mother’s Day Edition Drakon
  • 10 Free Game Tokens for each Rose Drakon (Yellow, Red, White and Pink)

To qualify, Post hatched Rose Drakons (include its Drakons ID) in Twitter under @my_rachelle Mother’s Day Greetings Tweet on May 9, state your Drakon Master name and greet someone a Happy Mother’s Day! Tag @my_rachelle and @DrakonsIO using the hashtags: #BeADrakonMaster and #DrakonsforMothers.

6. Game Credits and Tokens. Game Credits are needed in order to play Drakons mini-games. These tokens can be acquired by:

  • For Free — a Drakon Master, with at least Seargent Rank, is eligible to receive one free game credit everyday (12 AM UTC). This free unused credits can be accumulated up to maximum of 10 credits. Once the cap has been reached, the credits need to be used in order to trigger the free game credits/day again.
  • Using Game Tokens — A Drakon Master can play as often as possible provided that game credits is found in the inventory. You can purchase extra credits by acquiring game tokens from the Marketplace under EXTRAS. At present, the exchange is 1 Game Token = 1 Game Credit.
Drakons Game Token
Go to Marketplace/extras for Game Tokens
  • Promotions — joining promotions such as the abovementioned promo for Mother’s Day. For future promos, follow all Drakon social media accounts as posted below.

7. Mini Games. We know how much you have enjoyed playing Drakons Spin-A-Wheel, the first mini game we have launched in the previous season. The good news is that mini games are here to stay. The Spin-A-Wheel will now include rare prizes like gems and soon, surprise Drakon eggs. The eggs may contain various loots or even Drakons, which can be won in just a single lucky spin!

A new mini game will also be introduced this season, the DRAKONS GEMS BLAST! If you know your Drakons Story, you know that each Drakon has its own element and respective elemental gems, and all these will play an important role in this game.

The Gems Blast is a game inspired by the classic match-three puzzle game where you need to complete and match items (like gems) with the same pattern in a row or column in order to clear them. But this time, with Drakons Gems Blast, there’s more to it than meets the eye. Aside from completing or matching the same patterns, you also need to defeat three (3) Drakon Attackers. While doing so, you’ll need to defend your territory using your strongest Drakons.

Gems Blast for desktop shows High Scorers on the left and instructions on the right with possible major prize

The Drakons Gems Blast consist of three (3) major sections: Attackers, Defenders and Gem Grid sections.

The Attackers Section

The Attackers section is on top where the Drakon Attackers are displayed. These are the Drakons that you need to defeat. Each Attacker has different HP levels depending on their element.

The Metal Drakons are the toughest, followed by Frost Drakons. All common Drakons have the same HP level.

When the Drakon’s HP goes down to zero, the Attacker dies. You can defeat these Attackers by completing or matching the gems in the Gem Grid and send them flying to the Attackers. Each gem that hits an attacker takes away 10 HP points. However, if the Attacker gets hit by a gem with its own or same element, the Attacker gains half of the damage it took. Hence, in this case, it will gain an additional 5 HP points.

In the same way, the Attackers will also assault your Defenders, which will cost them HP points. These enemy Drakons have different attack powers depending on their element. Metal Drakons have the strongest attacks that can deal 10,000 HP of damage, while Frost Drakons can deal 9,000 HP and the rest can damage your Defenders up to 8,000 HP. So you should avoid hitting Drakon Attackers with their own element as much as possible.

The Drakon Defenders Section

The bottom section is where the Drakon Defenders are displayed. The Drakon Defenders are the Drakons that a Drakon Master selects to play in this game in order to defend its territory. The actual maximum HP of each Drakon is used within the game. This means that regardless of the current HP of the Drakon, it will use its maximum HP value.

In addition to a Drakon’s HP, the Rune Level of the Defender also defines your maximum number of moves and the number of seconds you can play the game. This means that the number of moves is equal to the sum of the total rune levels of the three (3) Defenders, while the number of seconds is equal to twice the sum of the total rune levels of the three (3) Defenders. Therefore, it is best to select the Drakons with a high rune level as Defenders.

The Gem Grid Section

The Gem Grid is where all the gems are displayed. This grid consists of seven (7) columns and eight (8) rows. In order to explode gems and send them flying to the Attackers, you need to match at least three (3) same element in a row or column.

The Drakons Gems Blast Sections

The Bombs

Match four (4) gems with the same element in a row / column to create a BOMB. When a bomb is exploded, it will destroy all adjacent gems around it. The gems on the top, left, right and the bottom of the bomb will explode and go flying to hit the attackers.

The Super Bomb or Wild Bomb

Aside from the Bomb, there is also the SUPER BOMB. Super bombs are created by completing / matching five (5) gems in a row or column. Detonating a super bomb will destroy all gems with the same element as the super bomb.

Five similar gems in a row or column creates a super bomb
Frost Super Bomb that can explode all Frost Gems

These Super bombs can also be formed by creating a letter L or T pattern with the same gem as shown in the images.

Form a letter T similar gems to create a super bomb.
Create a letter L similar gems to create a super bomb.

So the best strategy is to match as many gems as possible while preparing a great combination to create Super Bombs, then using them to defeat the attackers.

The HUD on top of the screen shows three important items, the remaining number of moves, the current score and the remaining time in seconds.

Winning Gems Blast
As mentioned above, the main objective of this game is to defeat all attackers with at least one living Defender using the given number of moves within the given number of seconds. This means that if you run out of time, run out of moves or if all your Drakon defenders die, you lose.

Rewards from Gems Blast
Gems Blast mini game may not be as simple and easy as the Spin-A-Wheel game. Hence, in this game, players get instant rewards based on their points. These rewards are in the form of Drakons Shards. Points will also be saved as Drakons Points that will soon be introduced as an item inside Drakons that will allow Drakon Masters to purchase exclusive items from an exclusive marketplace. But the most interesting reward in this game is the chance to win an EGG-SPECIAL PRIZE egg when all ATTACKERS have been defeated. And as introduced last season, EGG-STER SUPRISE egg items may contain loots such as food, cards, potions and most of all a Drakon. On very rare occasions, Metal or Frost Drakons can even evolve from an EGG-SPECIAL PRIZE egg item.

A Victory screen when all Attackers have been defeated

8. Rare Drakons Additional Boosts. As described in the article for the Drakons Lab, Rare Drakons have an additional two (2) Attack Points (AP) compared to Basic Elemental Drakons. These additional attack points have been proven to be advantageous in battles as they provide Drakons additional skills and battle cards. And in this season, additional boosts will be gained by rare Drakons. These boosts are as follows: +250 HP, +10 Physical Defense, +5 Physical Attack and +10 Magic Attack.

These boosts will really make Rare Drakons more powerful not only in terms of move sets but also in terms of offensive and defensive attributes.

Notice the additional attributes for the Rare Earth Drakon (right) as compared to the Common Earth Drakon (left). Starting with Attack Points (AP) = +2, its Health (HP) = +250, Physical Defense = +10, Physical Attack = +5 and Magic Attack = +10.

To make it more enticing for everyone, starting this season, Drakons Lab fees will be reduced to grant Drakon Masters the chance to design and generate their own magical-looking and powerful Rare Drakons.

9. Cross Element Breeding. Probably one of the considerable updates in this season is the cross-element breeding that will allow Drakon Masters to breed Drakons with different elements. For example, an Earth Drakon could now be bred with a Fire Drakon and get a chance to have an Earth or a Fire Drakon. This means that a Drakon Master doesn’t have to but and own at least two (2) Drakons with the same element in order to perform breeding. And this will simply require a potion called Crossbreed Potion to initiate.

Crossbreed Potion

How to achieve a Crossbreed or Hybrid Drakon?

To breed Drakons with different elements, the process is almost the same as normal breeding except for a few requirements. To do these, a Drakon Master needs to do the following:

a. Go to the Drakons Details page. Choose the Drakon from your Dashboard to open its detail page. In the Drakons detail page, simply click the

BREED MY DRAKON button in Drakons detail page

This will prompt the breeding window with the new option to use a Crossbreed potion as shown below. By default, the available Drakons for Matron will be the same element as the Sire. And in order to change this list of Drakons, you need to have and use a Crossbreed Potion.

Same element Sire and Matron Drakons owned by the same Drakon Master

b. Use Crossbreed Potion. To use this potion, click the Crossbreed potion button/icon to display the confirmation window that you need to use a crossbreed option. If you don’t have any Crossbreed potion in your inventory, the system will prompt you to purchase one from the marketplace.

Buy Potions will direct you to Marketplace

If you have at least one (1) Crossbreed Potion, click the PROCEED button to confirm crossbreeding and change the available Drakons in your list. This will initialize the list of Matron Drakons as shown in the following images.

Earth Drakon as Sire and Fire Drakon as Matron after using Crossbreed potion

As shown above, instead of Earth Drakons for the Matron, a Fire Drakon is displayed that can be bred with the Sire Earth Drakon.

c. Confirm Breeding. To begin and confirm breeding these two Drakons, simply click the Heart Icon just like before.

Last step to initialize Crossbreeding. No need to pay for breeding fee.

Notice also that unlike the usual breeding process, this last step will no longer require any payment. Simply click the PROCEED button to initiate breeding.

If everything will go well, you will receive a confirmation window as shown below.

d. Go to Dashboard and Check the New Drakon Egg. You may now check your new Hybrid Drakon Egg from your dashboard.

The Hybrid Drakon egg in your dashboard.

All Hybrid Drakons eggs will have the same look as shown above. This means that unlike the usual breeding process where the element of the Drakon could be identified from its egg, this time, the element of the new Drakon will not be revealed until it gets hatched.

e. Wait and Hatch the Egg. The last thing to do at this stage is to wait until the time when you can hatch the Drakon egg and reveal the element of the new Hybrid Drakon.

This is the Hybrid Drakon Egg.
This is an Earth Drakon with Metal Horns.

Note that this new Hybrid Drakon will have a boosted attribute that it can gain from its unique pair of Drakon horns as shown above.

When comparing the attributes of this Hybrid Earth Drakon with a common Earth Drakon, you can see the difference in their respective attributes.

As show in the images above, attributes starting with HP, Common HP = 65,860 while Hybrid HP = 66,360. Physical Attack = +65. Physical Defense = +100.

That’s it! That is the simple process of breeding a Hybrid Drakon.

Maximizing The Power of Hybrid Drakons

If you really want to maximize the use of your new Hybrid Drakon and use it in Ranked battles right away without spending any orbs, you may use Eros and Gayuma Potions to instantly hatch the egg and get a perfect ASI Drakon with an instant rune level 20. To do this, simply click the HATCH PERFECT button and use your Gayuma and Eros potions. You may also buy these potions from the marketplace if you don’t have any in your inventory.

Gayuma Potion (Left) and Eros Potion (Right) to instantly hatch with rune level 20 Drakon.

These potions will allow you to instantly hatch your Drakons egg and get a perfect ASI Drakon with rune level 20. This means that you don’t have to wait for hours in order to hatch the Drakon egg. If you want to know more about Drakons Potions, you may refer to the Drakons Potions article.

Matron Drakon — Instant Battle Ready
Another amazing feature of this approach is that the Matron Drakon will instantly be ready for battles. That means even if the egg is not hatched yet, the matron Drakon will no longer be pregnant and could already be sent to battle right after the breeding process. Unlike in the usual breeding protocol when the matron remains pregnant and could not be sent to battle until the Drakon egg has been hatched. In this crossbreeding procedure, both Matron and Sire Drakons could be sent to battles right after breeding.

10. Hybrid Drakons Boosts. Later in this season, all Crossbreed Drakons (aka Hybrid Drakons) will have additional boosts that will come from their unique horns. These horns will be the identifying traits or components of these Hybrid Drakons. And from these horns, a Hybrid Drakon may receive additional HP boosts, or Physical / Magic Attack or Physical / Magic Defense. Hence, with higher attributes come greater chance of winning battles.

Shown below is a sample pair of Hybrid Horns that a Hybrid Drakon may receive. This is a pair of Hybrid Metal Horns that a Hybrid Drakon may have regardless of its element.

Metal Drakon Horns for Hybrid Drakons

And as of this season, there are at most twelve (12) pairs of new Hybrid Horns dedicated for crossbreeding only. Each pair of horns will have their own unique boost/s that will be added to the Hybrid Drakon’s attributes. Refer to the table below for the specific boost type that a pair of Hybrid Horns may carry:

Reference for Hybrid Horns showing boost/s per pair.

As shown in the table above, each pair of Hybrid Horns will have a different boost type depending on Element. And it is the Metal Horns that bring the most number of boosts to a Hybrid Drakon. Also, regardless of the element of the Hybrid Drakon, it will randomly have the chance of obtaining a pair of horns from any Element (Air, Earth, Fire, Water and even from Frost and Metal Elements). That means, an Air, Earth, Fire or Water Hybrid Drakon may receive a pair of Frost or Metal Hybrid Horns. Hence, gaining more power compared to common ordinary Drakons.

11. Cross-Element Cards. Aside from extra boosts for Hybrid Drakons, they will also have the ability to use card moves from their parent other than their own element card moves. For instance, if an Earth Drakon is bred with a Fire Drakon, and the result is a Fire Drakon, this new Hybrid Drakon will have a Stoning card move in its card move set. Hence, a petrify capable card in the arsenal of this new Hybrid Fire Drakon will surely come in handy. Likewise, if the Hybrid is an Earth Drakon, a Flame Burst card will be added to its firepower. The rules and mechanics for this hybrid card moves will be discussed in detailed in a separate article.

12. Frost or Metal Drakons from Hybrid Drakons Eggs. The BONUS feature of this crossbreeding feature is the chance of getting a Metal or Frost Drakon. Yes, as mentioned in the Story of Drakons, Metal Drakons evolved from Earth and Fire Drakons. Hence, there will soon be a chance of hatching a Metal Drakon from a Hybrid Egg that’s a result of crossbreeding an Earth Drakon with a Fire Drakon.

Likewise, Frost Drakons evolved from Water Drakons. This means that soon, crossbreeding a Water Drakon with an Air Drakon for instance may yield an egg that may hatch a Frost Drakon.

As of this writing, the only available elements that can undergo crossbreeding are the common Drakons. Specifically, Earth Drakons will be allowed to breed with Fire Drakons and Air Drakons will be allowed to breed with Water Drakons.

The Rare Drakons, Limited Edition Drakons, the Epic Drakons, including Frost and Metal Drakons will still not be available for Crossbreeding.

Therefore, regardless of what Drakons elements you own, hatching other elements will now be made possible with this new feature. Take note though the crossbreeding is available only for breeding Drakons owned by the same Drakon Master. This means that siring with other Drakon Master’s Drakon will not be possible.

That’s all for now Drakon Masters! We hope that these new updates in Drakons World will encourage Drakon Masters to keep all their common element Drakons and perform crossbreeding using the new Crossbreed Potion.

So, don’t be left behind, go to the marketplace now and buy those eggs and potions before they run out. Also, don’t forget to go get your Game Tokens to play with the latest Gems Blast and get a chance to win an Egg-Special Prize egg. While waiting for your egg to be ready for hatching, you may want to go visit Drakons Lab to design and generate your new Rare Drakons with more boosts and power.

So, thank everyone for your support!

Drakons Note: Please note that details such as game play, UI/UX, game implementations, etc. may change in the future as Drakons is continuously improving the platform for all Drakon Masters, and if these changes are major, we will announce them either on separate articles in the future, or in Drakons official Discord Channel and Telegram Channel.

We also encourage that you keep in touch and always #BeADrakonMaster!

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