Drakons Season 16

12 min readSep 15, 2022

What’s new and what to expect this season!

Drakons is currently on its Season 16 and this article will discuss the changes, updates and what could be expected in Drakons:

  1. Drakons Season 16 began on 01 September 2022 and will end on November 2022 (12:00 AM UTC).

2. The current season falls in 2 seasons: Water Drakons (September) and the Air Drakons (October-December), which means that these Drakons will gain an elemental boost that will positively affect its Magic and Physical Attack as well as its Magic and Physical Defense compared to other elements — with the exception of the Legendary Metal Drakons and Elite Frost Drakons which are already strong all year round. You may refer to the schedule below for guidance:

3. The Cross Element Card is a special skill inherited by Hybrid Drakons from their other Drakon parent. To have a better understanding about these Drakons, let us review the characteristics of HYBRID DRAKONS:

a) A Hybrid Drakon is the offspring of two crossbred Drakons. For now, the only allowed crossbreed element pairings are: AIR x WATER and EARTH x FIRE with the exception if these Drakons were issued as Limited Editions then they cannot crossbreed.

Allowed crossbreed pairings: AIR x WATER and EARTH x FIRE

b) These Drakons will inherit their parents’ looks but will have a unique and special “horn” that enables it to have a special boost. The table below shows the specific boost type for a pair of Hybrid Horns:

c) They will inherit the element of either their mother or father Drakons. For example, an Earth Drakon mates with a Fire Drakon using a crossbreed potion, then the Hybrid Drakon will either be a Fire or an Earth Drakon.

Earth x Fire Drakon Crossbreeding using Crossbreed Potion
Hybrid Drakon in Earth Element with special horns

d) They will inherit a Cross Element Card or unlock the special skills of their other parent. If the Hybrid Drakon was born as an Earth Drakon from the union of Earth x Fire Drakons, it will naturally have the Earth Drakon ability. The Cross Element Card allows it to use its other parent’s (Fire) special skill, in this example, its natural skill will be Stoning (Earth) while its unlocked Cross Element ability will be Flame Burst (Fire).

Hybrid Drakons are powerful Drakons because of their special abilities, aside from having special boosts, they can also use both their parents’ special skills to their advantage.

These are the special skills of Hybrid Drakons from crossbreeding:

AIR x WATER = Suction (Air) and Swirling Splash (Water)

EARTH x FIRE = Stoning (Earth) and Flame Burst (Fire)

For more information about cross element breeding and Hybrid Drakons, please read previous article.

4. Cross Generation Breeding (between Ethereum/Polygon Networks) for Elite Frost Drakons is now possible.

Using a Cross Generation Potion, you may now breed Elite Frost 2020 from the Ethereum Network with your Elite Frost 2020 from Polygon Network, and vice versa. However, limited edition Frost Drakons are not allowed to breed until otherwise announced prior to their sale.

As mentioned, you will need a Cross Generation Potion to enable this feature. These potions are available for purchase at the Drakons marketplace.

To breed Elite Frost Drakons, here’s the step-by-step procedure:

a) First, from your list of Drakons owned, identify which Elite Frost 2020 you want to mate. In the example below, notice that the Drakon 1220000183 (left) is from Polygon Network while the Drakon 1632 (right)is from Ethereum Network. You can identify a Drakon’s Network by the symbols indicated on their right just below their badges or beside their names.

Drakon 1220000183 (left) is from Polygon Network while the Drakon 1632 (right)is from Ethereum Network

b) Select one Drakon, in this example, Drakon 1220000183. Click the Drakon to go to its details then select BREED MY DRAKON.

c) It will open a dialogue box then click on the Cross Generation Potion Icon. If you have none, you may purchase at the Drakons marketplace.

If you have an available potion, click PROCEED to use the Cross Generation Potion.

d) The potion will unlock the portal to open both networks to access Drakons in Ethereum and Polygon. You may select a Drakon by clicking right arrow key to choose from all your available Drakons for mating. Once selected, click the BREED icon (heart) and confirm transaction by clicking PROCEED. You will receive a notification that your Drakons are queued for breeding.

e) You may view your Drakon egg’s status just below your MY DRAKONS page. You may hatch the Drakon once it’s ready or you may choose to hatch immediately using GAYUMA Potion or hatch a sure perfect ASI Drakons, or use both. You may purchase these potions from the Drakons marketplace and to understand more about the use of these potions, read our article on breeding potions.

f) Hatched Drakon. A newly hatched Drakon regardless of parents’ varying networks will always reside in Polygon Network. In this example, Drakon 1220000656 is the newly hatched Drakon residing in Polygon Network with only 92% ASI as we did not use an EROS potion. You may also see its Parents’ details as shown on image.

5. Latest Mini Game: Drakons Egg Roll!

Drakons is introducing its latest Mini Game, the Drakon Egg Roll which is the 3rd Mini Game of Drakons.

The Egg Roll introduces a new character in Drakons, it is a young Mage by the name of Alanis or the cheerful and adventurous one. Her task is to catch all the Drakon Eggs falling from 4 conveyors and achieve a high score to be rewarded with precious shards. You have to help direct Alanis in catching these Drakon eggs as fast as you can while avoiding rotten eggs which can cost precious points. You also have to avoid these eggs from falling to Alanis’ head as it would cost her a life or to keep too many eggs from crashing her icy platform or she will end up losing the game when the ice platform breaks.

Here’s how to play the Egg Roll:

a) Go to the Drakons Mini Game Section and choose EGG ROLL

b) You will need a Game Credit to play the Egg Roll. Remember 1 Game Token = 1 Game Credit. You can purchase it at the Drakons marketplace. Once you have a Game Credit, click START.

Read more about mini games, game credits and tokens in previous article.

c) You will see your mission and other game instructions. You may also view the high score records to beat or adjust the game settings if you wish to play with sound on/off.

d) On top of your screen, you will see the number of lives Alanis has and also your score and game time once you start catching eggs.

e) The eggs you catch from the 4 conveyors have different values that you should take note of. Here are the values of these eggs:

As you may have noticed, not everything that glitters is gold and not everything big is good, well at least in the case of Drakons Egg Roll. There is one egg-ceptional you should avoid as this big shiny egg is actually a rotten Drakon egg so instead of gaining points, you will lose -20 points from your score every time you catch it.

There are also two important eggs that you shouldn’t miss, as these eggs gives you +15 and +20 points each. These are the Metal Eggs and Egg-specials.

+15 Metal Egg
+20 Egg-Special

f) Too many uncaught eggs will crash Alanis’ icy platform, and will instantly end your game even if Alanis still has remaining lives.

g) If you are good at catching eggs, you will receive some precious shards! If you trained Alanis well, you MAY possibly earn a Drakon’s egg to hatch that is if you should reach more than 6,000 game score (the current score to earn eggs, for now). Yes, the Drakons egg is given out randomly so it is possible that you do not get it every time.

So good luck in playing with Alanis and in catching all the Drakon eggs! We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

6. The much awaited Epic Move of the CNY Water Tiger!

Since the Water Tiger was released for Chinese New Year, it is both a limited edition and an Epic Drakon edition. Epics have epic moves, and this Tiger has many surprises for its epic card we call: Tiger Defense Camo and Bite Force.

First, Tigers by nature moves stealthily because of their stripes acting as camouflage to conceal itself against huge enemy damage. After successfully defending itself, it will prepare and pounce its enemy with its powerful bite force. What makes this Drakon more special is that it is in the element of water which means that the Tiger is capable of self-healing.

To sum up, this tiger will Defend, Pounce and Heal.

7. Commission for referrals are now available for USDT and MATIC purchases of Drakons from Drakon Keeper Marketplace.

Commissions for referrals are only previously available in Drakon purchases via Ethereum, but now, we are making this feature available for USDT and MATIC purchases of Drakons from Drakons Marketplace.

A Drakon Master can also earn via the Referral program and it works this way:

a) Find your referral code in your Dashboard, click REFER A FRIEND and copy code and share to your friend/s

b) Referred friend should use your Drakon Master Referral Code upon signup.

c) Whenever your referred friend purchased a Drakon from Drakons Marketplace or as sold by Drakons (except those that are from DRAKON SELLER and FOR SIRE as these are from other Drakon Masters), you will get a commission of 3% .

d) The first purchase made by your Friend also entitles him/her for a FREE 3,000 elemental orbs (one-time only) which s/he can use to level up his/her first Drakon.

e) Commission payouts are done on a weekly basis or the following Monday after purchase was made. You may check this by clicking VIEW PAYOUTS from your dashboard.

You may view video for guide to Drakon’s Referral Program:

8. The “Make an Offer” Drakon Feature is now available

Drakons takes pride in protecting Drakon Masters from possible purchasing scams so we made the Make an Offer Drakon Feature available for use. The feature is designed for Drakon Masters to directly offer to purchase any Drakon they saw or may have encountered in the Drakons platform and perform these offer transactions inside Drakons for security.

Here’s how you can take advantage of this feature:

a) Once you see a Drakon you desire or may have encountered in battle, click on the specific Drakon

b) On the left side of the said Drakon’s details, you may click: MAKE AN OFFER

c) Enter your offer details in WETH. Just remember that before confirming an offer, your offer amount is held in escrow for 1 day or 24 hours. There is a 5% fee collected when your offer is successful or cancelled. An expired or outbid offer incurs a flat rate fee of 0.0012.

Your offer may get accepted immediately or may still be outbid by another Drakon Master.

d) In case your Drakon has an offer, you may view this at the OFFER RECEIVED section of the Notifications Page. You may ACCEPT OFFER or just wait for offer to expire (after 24 hours) if you are not interested in selling your Drakon.

e) If you are decided to sell your Drakon, you may see offer details and APPROVE transaction.

9. Relaunching the Limited Edition Elite Frost Drakons

We are relaunching the beautiful “House of Drakons” Limited Edition and it will be available in 4 colors. House of Drakons is a tribute to famous film or literary Dragon characters which became our inspiration in creating these Drakons. The first feature is in the powerful Elite Frost Drakons and these Drakons will be released in limited numbers. Collect them now!

10. Crossover Drakons

Lastly but more importantly, Drakons will soon launch a crossover feature. A crossover means that Drakons NFTs will be playable in another Dapp, and vice versa. We will discuss this more in another article. Here is a teaser of how one Legendary Metal Crossover Drakon would look like:

We hope that made you pretty excited!

That’s all for now…Hope all is well with everyone and please continue supporting Drakons as we sure have more in store for all of you! Thank you Drakon Masters!

Drakons Note: Please note that details such as game play, UI/UX, game implementations, etc. may change in the future as Drakons is continuously improving the platform for all Drakon Masters, and if these changes are major, we will announce them either on separate articles in the future, or in Drakons official Discord Channel and Telegram Channel.

We also encourage that you keep in touch and always #BeADrakonMaster!

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