Drakons: The Ultimate Battle Arena

Ultimate Battle with Ultimate Rewards!

Aside from collecting, breeding and siring Drakons, sending a Drakon to the Battle Mode is one of the most exciting experiences in Drakons.IO. As in battles, you are able to test both the power of your Drakon and your skill as a Drakon Master in strategizing with your Drakon’s battle cards.

In the early editions of the game, Classic, Ranked and Challenge Battle Arenas were the only Standard Battle Modes known to Drakon Masters.

Standard Arena Battle Mode

The Classic Arena is the battle arena where new squires can send their Drakons to practice their skills and experiment with different battle card setups without the risk of losing anything like medals or Drakon HP. At the same time, sending Drakons to battles in Classic Arena allows Drakon Masters to earn elemental orbs that would allow them to level up their Drakons. This arena is the perfect place to harvest orbs, because in every battle won in this arena, a Drakon Master may receive 10 to 15 orbs of its own Drakon’s element and 4 to 9 orbs of the opponent’s element. For every defeat, a Drakon Master may still receive 4 to 9 orbs of its own Drakon’s element.

In Classic Arena, Drakons’ HP are only virtually depleted. This means that HP is depleted only in battle, and will immediately be restored to its maximum level after the battle is finished. Hence, Drakons battling in the Classic Arena can be sent to battle again after the “cooldown” time of 4 minutes.

To make things more exciting for experienced Drakon Masters, we added the Ranked Battle Arena, where the rules are a little different compared to Classic Battle Arena. A Drakon Master must have at least five (5) Classic Battle victories before they can send Drakons to the Ranked Battle Arena. Not all Drakons are allowed to battle in the Ranked Battle Arena, only Drakons with synced rune level 5 or higher can participate in said arena. Unlike in the Classic Battle Arena, where the HP instantly jumps back to its original value, in the Ranked Battle Arena, Drakons’ HP gets depleted and needs to regenerate with a rate of 1% every 5 minutes. Drakons with HP lower that 50% of its maximum value will not be allowed to battle in this arena.

However, in terms of rewards, Drakon Masters receive more by battling in the Ranked Battle Arena. The best part is that they can get listed in the in different leaderboards. These are the Daily, Weekly, All-Time, and Season leaderboards. As explained in the previous article on The Drakons Leaderboards and Rewards, additional rewards are given to all Drakon Masters who participated in the season.

Like in the Classic Battle Arena, Drakon Masters also receive instant rewards every after a Ranked Battle. For every battle won in this arena, a Drakon Master may receive 20 to 25 orbs of its own Drakon’s element and 8 to 13 orbs of opponent’s element plus other rewards such as card boosts as explained before in the article about Card Boosts. For every defeat, a Drakon Master may receive 8 to 13 orbs of their own Drakon’s element.

And aside from orbs, 100 to 500 Drakons shards may also be part of the loots for every battle won in the Ranked Battle Arena.

On the other hand, the Challenge Mode is where you can bet as many orbs as you want to challenge a specific Drakon Master who accepts the Challenge. There is really no bearing for all these challenge battles as they don’t even count in the Drakon Masters’ Battles and Wins statistics, but it’s a great way to practice with a fellow Drakon Master and probably the fastest way to earn orbs. In the Challenge mode, you can bet as many as 10,000 orbs as long as you have that in your Inventory. If your opponent accepted and lost the challenge, you get to earn an instant 10,000 orbs.

Soon, there will be even more items that can be included in the Challenge Mode. Items like Card Boosts, Food Boosts and Stone Boosts can soon be included and staked as rewards in challenging a Drakon Master to a battle.

In past few months, we have observed that a trend was developed by Drakon Masters in the Battle Arenas… Those who wanted to farm orbs without the risk of losing Drakon HP went for Classic battles, while those who wanted higher rewards and to be recognised as part of the leaderboards tried their skills in the Ranked Battle Arena.

The Challenge Mode was utilized best in the concluded 1st Drakon Masters Tournament on 9 May 2020 where two (5-member) teams: Fire vs Water challenged each other consecutively following the rules set by Drakons. Water (13) Team emerged as the winner by defeating the Fire Team (10) by 3 points. All prizes staked in this Challenge came from Drakons and its Sponsors: Eternal Casino, The Worlds A Mine (WRLD), and My Crypto Gemx. It was a great Challenge tournament for both Drakons and its participants and we are sure that we will come up with more in the future.

1st Drakons Challenge: Drakon Masters Tournament where Water Team Emerged as Winners

For more information and a basic guide on how to prepare Drakons to battle in the any of the arenas, please refer to our articles: Getting Started with Drakons.IO Part 1 which is Basics about Drakons and Part 2 which is about Battles and Strategies

However, these arenas were not enough. Drakon Masters still looked for more valuable rewards like real rewards that may be exchangeable to Ether in the future. This paved way to the birth of The Ultimate Battle Arena!

Since the beginning, this arena has been in the road map of Drakons. In fact, there were more complex protocols and rules that were supposed to be introduced in the Ultimate Battle Arena, also known as UBA. But in the meantime, the Ultimate Battle Arena was simplified so Drakon Masters would be familiar with the UBA battles and be prepared for more complex rules in the future.

Read on so you will know the important things that a Drakon Master must remember when participating in Ultimate Battles.

For this initial iteration of the Ultimate Battle Arena, we only added a few guidelines:

  1. A Drakon Master must have at least 10 victories from the Ranked Battle Arena. This is very straightforward and simply means that new squires have to tread the path from the Classic Battle Arena to the Ranked Battle Arena before participating in the Ultimate Battle Arena. This is to avoid new squires ending up as sitting ducks inside the Ultimate Battle Arena: to be eaten alive by the powerful Drakons of experienced Drakon Masters.
  2. Only Drakons with synced rune levels 15, 20 and 25 are allowed to battle in this arena. This is to avoid too much fragmentation and to quickly find a match among Drakon Masters.
  3. Only selected Drakon elements are allowed on each given Ultimate Battle day, see schedule:
UBA Schedule of Drakons per Element

As shown in the table, on a daily basis, only four (4) Drakon elements are allowed to participate in the Ultimate Battle from Monday — Saturday. However, on a Sunday, all these Drakons have a chance to battle in the arena. Take note also that the enumerated days are based on UTC.

This schedule may change, but you can easily monitor it by going to the Ultimate Battle Arena and clicking/tapping on the “Ultimate Battle Info” button to know what are permitted to battle at a given day including those specially boosted cards for the day.

Ultimate Battle Info Button that tells you the Schedule of UBA Allowed Elements as well as all Boosted Cards

In the sample image above, only Air, Earth, Frost, and Water Drakons are allowed to participate in the battle for that day. The special boosted cards are Icicle Barrage, Suction, Stoning and Swirling Splash. More info about this in the next item.

4. All offensive battle cards in UBA are automatically boosted, creating larger damage as opposed to other battle arenas.

Refer to article about Card Boosts for formulas in computing damages:

If Drakon A uses a Stone Blast with card level 0, Drakon A’s attack damage will be computed as follows in the standard arenas:

A = (2360 * 1.12) + (2360 * 1.12 * 0 * 0.02)

A = 2643 (rounded of to whole number)

Dmg = 2643 + (2643 * 20 * 0.05)

Dmg = 5286

Net Damage = (5286 * 5286) / (5286 + 1320)

Net Damage = 4229 points

But in the Ultimate Battle Arena, all cards are boosted with 50% higher multiplier to their raw damages. Using the same card shown above, the final computation would be:

A = (2360 * (1.12 + 0.5)) + (2360 * (1.12 + 0.5) * 0 * 0.02)

A = 3823 instead of just 2643 (rounded of to whole number)

Dmg = 3823 + (3823 * 20 * 0.05)

Dmg = 7646 instead of just 5286 in standard arenas

Net Damage = (7646 * 7646) / (7646 + 1320)

Net Damage = 6520 instead of just 4229 points.

That’s a difference of 2291 points or roughly more than a 54% increase from its original damage points. Take note that this is just a level 0 card. You can imagine what it can deliver if it’s at a higher card level.

5. In addition to the global boosted cards, specific cards are also randomly selected with an additional 15% multiplier boosts.

Again, using the same card above, assuming that it was randomly selected to be a boosted card for the day, the following formulas will apply:

A = (2360 * (1.12 + 0.5 + 0.15)) + (2360 * (1.12 + 0.5 + 0.15) * 0 * 0.02)

A = 4177 instead of just 2643 (rounded of to whole number)

Dmg = 4177 + (4177 * 20 * 0.05)

Dmg = 8354 instead of just 5286 in standard arenas

Net Damage = (8354 * 8354) / (8354 + 1320)

Net Damage = 7214 instead of just 4229 points.

That’s a difference of 2985 points or roughly more than a 70% increase from its original damage points. Again, this is just level 0 card. Higher level cards would be even more damaging.

These rules show that levelling up a card can create a huge impact in the final outcome for the total damage a battle card can deliver.

5. Drakons’ HP will not regenerate after completing a battle. This is one major modification in this arena. This means that with the boosted damages, a Drakon might end up with just 50% or even lower HP after a battle. And this will never regenerate; the only way to refresh the HP is by feeding the Drakon with Food Boosts.

6. The Battle Arena will not always be open for battles. There will be a limited time only for Drakon Masters to battle in this arena. As of this writing, the arena will be opened only for 12 hours: 4:00 AM to 4:00 PM UTC. You may check your UTC time here.

This schedule may change from time to time; the schedule will be displayed in the Ultimate Battle Arena page.

6. Ultimate Battle rewards are far more valuable than in any other battle arena. For every battle won in this arena, a Drakon Master may receive 20 to 25 orbs of its own Drakon’s element and 8 to 13 orbs of opponent’s element plus other rewards such as card boosts. For every defeat, a Drakon Master may receive 8 to 13 orbs of its own Drakon’s element. At first it looks like the same rewards as the Ranked Battle Arena, but the best part is that everyday, when the Ultimate Battle Arena closes, all Drakon Masters who managed to be on the top 10 of the Ultimate Leaderboard will be receiving additional rewards. Refer to the table below for the UBA Rewards per Rank:

UBA Rewards per Rank

There is one simple rule for these rewards: Drakon Masters in the top 10 must have DMPs that are at least half of the DMP of the top Drakon Master. This means that if the top 1 Drakon Master ended up with 1,000 DMPs, only an additional 9 Drakon Masters with at least 500 DMPs will be rewarded with the above items.

Drakon Shards

The rest of those who participated will be receiving 500 shards. These rewards will automatically be sent to the Drakon Master’s dashboard.

Always remember that in the Ultimate Battle Arena, the new DMP system will be the basis for the ranking system. As explained in the article about The Drakons Leaderboards and Rewards, this new DMP system is very different from the old medals system. You’ll have to plan your battles well. This is not just about who gets to win the most, but it is about defeating the topmost Drakon Masters in the leaderboard with the least losses. If you are on the bottom of the leaderboard ladder and you are able to topple a Drakon Master on the topmost leaderboard then you get to be rewarded more as compared to the other way around.

Drakon Gem

The most prized rewards in this list are the Drakons Gems. Yes! These gems are valuable because these are the only items that could be swapped or exchanged with Drakons Token which will be introduced soon.

The initial exchange rate will be 1:1, meaning that Drakon Masters receiving 1,000 gems at the end of each Ultimate Battle day would have assets that can soon be converted to 1,000 Drakons Tokens. Those who would be receiving shards will also have the opportunity to swap their shards to gems. These shards would have an initial exchange rate of 1000 shards to a gem. A more detailed article dedicated to Drakons shards, gems and token will be released very soon.

This is just version 1 of the Ultimate Battle Arena. There are more exciting updates that are coming soon:

That’s all for now Drakon Masters! Watch out for another article explaining how Ultimate Battles are played from start to finish.

Keep in touch and #BeADrakonMaster!

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