Getting started with Drakons: The basics about Drakons

PART 1 of 2 Series as written by Drakon Master Slade

This 2-part article was written by Drakon Master Slade based on his experience as a Drakon Master in Drakons.IO. Slade participated in both Drakons’ private and public beta, and still an active Drakon Master.

The Drakons.IO Team liked the article that we requested his permission to publish it in our page as an official guide to Drakon Masters! We’ll do more collaboration with him in the future so read on his journey for some insights, tricks and tips in becoming a Drakon Master Squire to a Grand Master! #BeADrakonMaster!

Drakons.IO is a gaming platform and highly likely to become your hangout place in no time. Most newcomers are going to feel as if it’s just another browser-based game. You collect, train, battle, repeat. Well, I don’t blame you. I thought the same.

But give it a week or so and you’ll find that there’s so much more. And I’m talking from a practical standpoint, not trying to sell you glamor without substance.

In its very essence, Drakons is a strategy game. Cool. But it also doubles up as a crypto-collectibles site that’s powered by the Ethereum blockchain.

You can own Drakons here, creatures pretty similar to the mythical dragons. Just like the common conception of dragons, Drakons are also very powerful, intelligent, and eternal. You’ll notice these qualities when you battle against other players, whom we call Drakon Masters or DMs for short.

When you’re a new DM, things might look scary. But don’t worry, starting with Drakons.IO is very easy and fun. And that’s why I am here! (Psst … if you need any help along your journey, feel free to drop me a direct message on Drakons Discord, look for Slade — DM to become a DM or join Drakon’s official Telegram and Discord Channel

It’s not incorrect to assume that Drakons.IO might be just another online game with shoddy planning. But it would surprise even the most hardened of gamers to find out exactly how well-planned and strategic the game is.

You’ll keep unearthing new layers of gameplay and forming strategies as you play more and level up.

The game’s underlying mechanics are meticulously designed. The huge team of developers and concept artists has spent hundreds of hours fine-tuning everything. With this precision and attention to detail, you’re bound to get a masterpiece. Not to mention the many months the game was in open-beta, polishing things further to the point of absolute perfection and strategic correctness.

Enough praise.

Let me fork this piece into three parts:

1. Basics about Drakons: Here we’ll talk about the attributes, skills, and other basic concepts.

2. Battles and strategy: Here we’ll talk about strategizing and battles in general. Perhaps you can pick up a thing or two that will give you an edge over other DMs!

3. How is crypto involved: Lastly, we will cover the crypto aspect of things.

Let’s dive right into it!

Part 1: Basics about Drakons

Each Drakon is unique (more technical information on that in the third section). These Drakons will fight against others. You can practice in the Classic mode to refine your skill and then head over to the Ranked mode to gain medals, which will increase your rank (don’t worry — we’ll discuss battle modes later too).

As you’d expect, Drakons have a set amount of Health Points or HP. During battles, remaining HP decides which Drakon wins.

1.1 Elements

Drakons are classified based on their habitat, the place where they evolved from. First of all, there are four basic elements:

  1. Air

2. Earth


3. Fire


4. Water


And then there are two evolutions: Metal and Frost.


The Drakons of these two elements are rumored to be more powerful. The Frost Drakon is an evolution of the Water Drakon and the Metal Drakon is thought to be the evolution of the Earth and Fire elements. The evolved Drakons have not yet become fit for taming, but keep your eyes peeled and in the near future, you might be the first-ever DM to own an evolved Drakon!

Besides regular and evolved Drakons, there are also Special Edition and Limited Edition Drakons.

Special and Limited Edition Drakons released during Chinese New Year 2020

These materialize during special events like the Chinese New Year. Otherwise, these Drakons are not collectible and proudly wild. But during special events, some of these Drakons can be tamed. These Drakons are occasional and very limited in their supply.

Technically, the Special and Limited Edition Drakons are specially designed to possess high attributes. They’re also going to be costlier than generic Drakons.

1.2 Qualities that impact the battle

There are six qualities to every Drakon that decide its damage output and resistance. There are two types of attacking: magical and physical.

These are the 6 Qualities of your Drakons

1. Physical Attack: This is how much physical damage your Drakon can deal with a hit.

2. Magic Attack: The magic attack hits the enemy Drakon and deals more damage the less magical defense the enemy has.

3. Speed: Speed decides how fast your Drakon will attack.

4. Physical defense: This is how much physical damage your Drakon can resist.

5. Magic defense: Magical defense protects you against magic attacks (but not physical attacks).

6. Critical chance: There’s a critical hit factor. Each Drakon has a chance to land a critical hit as compared to a regular one for more damage.

Physical attacking takes into account the enemy’s physical defense. So, if your enemy has very high magical defense but very low physical defense, then your physical attacks will deal a ton of damage.

In a nutshell, physical damage won’t take magical defense into account, and magical attacks won’t take physical defense into account.

Some Drakons have a naturally high physical attack, like Water ones. Air Drakons are naturally powerful magical attackers.

No matter how hard your Drakon hits, if they have low defenses, they can lose.

1.3 Leveling-up your Drakon

Battling other Drakons will earn you loot in the form of Orbs. These Orbs can be used to level-up your Drakon’s Rune level, which unlocks more skills.

See Image above, 1) Represents your current orbs for a specific element, in this case the FIRE Orbs, 2) These are the buttons you use to level up your Drakon, 3) This is the current Rune Level of this Drakon, 4) Sync Data is what you do if you want this Drakon to compete in Ranked Battles, and it will also save your Drakon’s data in the Blockchain

However, you need to keep in mind that only Fire Orbs will level-up a Fire Drakon, only Water Orbs will level-up a Water Drakon, and so on.

The Rune level is essentially the level of your Drakon. Runes will have more use in the future.

More advanced abilities become unlocked as your Drakon levels-up. Though you don’t need to stress over remembering these when you’re just starting, it’s still a good idea to keep these in the back of your mind. And you can always bookmark this page!

Your Drakon starts with one magic attack, and physical attack and defend moves. At level 5 and then at every 5th increment, like level 10, 15, 20, and so on, you will unlock more Magic Attack Card. In the near future, you will have even more abilities to unlock at levels between these!

1.4 Chaos Points

Drakons have three attributes: Agility, Strength, and Intelligence. ASI for short. ASI stats are also known as the Chaos Points of a Drakon. The Chaos Points are the core source of power for any Drakon.

Let’s see how do these attributes/Chaos Points affect a Drakon’s performance:

See Image above, 1) The Heart represents your Drakon’s Health, 2) ASI Attributes of your Drakon
  1. Agility

Agility is the most important attribute. It also affects other attributes of the Drakon. If a Drakon has high agility combined with a high Strength or Intelligence, then it becomes very difficult to defeat.

The Earth Drakons have the highest agility among all Drakons. Currently, the highest agility Drakons in the market have an agility of 58. Earth Drakons start with 50 agility onwards.

2. Strength

As you’d expect, the strength attribute decides a Drakon’s Hit Points (or health). It additionally affects physical attack and physical defense. So, a high strength Drakon is bound to have huge health, high physical attack, and a rock-solid defense against other high physical-attack Drakons. In a nutshell, you can call these your tanks or damage absorbers.

Water Drakons have the highest strength among all. They start from a base strength stat of 50 and go all the way up to a massive 58.

3. Intelligence

Intelligence decides a Drakon’s magical attack, magical defense, and its attack points. Attack points are something we’ll discuss later. For now, all you need to know is that attack points decide how many skills your Drakon can use.

Air Drakons have the highest intelligence. They start with 50 and the highest intelligence stat Drakons right now on the market have 58 intelligence.

As you can see, different elements have different specializations. But we haven’t discussed Fire yet. Fire Drakons are the most balanced Drakons. Maybe not in their temperament, but surely in their Chaos Points distribution.

So, when you have a Fire Drakon, you can be sure that it will have a well-balanced ASI distribution.

In the market, you can filter Drakons per your requirement, including by the element:

Choose your Drakon preference using this Filter
Sample Filter: Image encircled shows available Drakon with High ASI

1.5 Elemental advantages

Certain elements have advantages over other elements.

Elemental Advantage: Fire beats Earth, Earth beats Air, Air beats Water, and Water beats Fire.

What happens when there’s a disadvantage? The disadvantaged Drakon’s defense and magical defense is reduced by 50%. So, if there’s a battle between a Water and a Fire Drakon, the Fire Drakon’s physical and magical defenses will be lowered by 50% at the start of the battle, meaning that an attack by the Water Drakon that would normally deal 100 damage, for example, would deal around 150 damage to the Fire Drakon.

For Metal and Frost Drakons, no elemental advantages are applied. These two elements are inherently stronger than the generic ones.

1.6 Terrain advantage

Besides elemental advantages and disadvantages, Drakon battles also depend in part on terrain mechanics. Some Drakons get a boost on particular terrains and some get a disadvantage on some.

Sample terrain advantage battle showing a Water Drakon and Fire Drakon fighting in Water Terrain. The Water Drakon won in this battle.

The terrain of the battle is randomly selected, so there’s really no way of knowing whether you will be advantaged or disadvantaged based on terrain. However, as a general rule of thumb, you can be sure that a particular battle has a high probability of being terrain-neutral for your Drakon.

Sample terrain-neutral battle showing two Earth Drakons fighting in Air Terrain

If the battle terrain compliments your Drakon’s element, then that Drakon’s leading attribute will be boosted. The leading attribute differs, like for example a Water Drakon’s leading attribute is its HP, and for an Air Drakon it’s going to be the magical attack.

1.7 Critical damage and double attacks

Now let’s come to the slightly trickier part. You saw the critical hit chance as one of the qualities of Drakons. Let’s find out more.

Critical damage is achieved at random based on the percentage of the Critical Chance stat of a Drakon. The higher it is, the more your chance of landing a Critical Hit. A critical hit deals additional damage, which is 50% of the regular damage. So, a move that would deal 2,000 damage normally will dish out 2,000 + 50% of 2,000 = 3,000 damage altogether with a critical hit.

The chance of executing double attacks is based on the Speed stat of the Drakon. It provides extra damage on your Drakon’s attack to the opponent.

All Drakons, have a Critical Chance of 10% at Rune level 0. However, the Air Drakon’s Critical Chance percentage increases by 1% at Level 1 and again at every additional 5 Rune level-ups making it the Drakon with the highest Critical Chance.

Double attacks are based on Speed, so Earth and Air Drakons have a huge benefit here. At Rune level 0, the Double Attack chance for Water and Fire Drakons is 10% but for Earth and Air Drakons, it’s at 20%. And as a special perk of their high speeds, the Earth Drakons have their Double Attack chance increased by 1% starting at Rune level 5 and then again at every additional 5 Rune level-ups, which is more than Air Drakons.

Sample Critical Damage and Double Attack moves that can change the hand of a Drakon’s battle

That’s all for now. Read our next article, Part 2 where you will learn more about Battles and Strategies to be a real Drakon Master.

Drakons Note: The details such as game play, implementation, etc. that was written on this article were verified to be factual by the Drakons Team as of publication and some images were provided for better illustrations. However, as Drakons.IO is continuously improving the game play and UI/UX, there might be changes in the future and if these changes are major, we will announce them either on separate articles or in Drakons official Discord Channel and Telegram Channel.

Keep in touch and #BeADrakonMaster!

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